How to Clean the Home Quickly – 10-Minute Strategy Ideas

by Kremy

How to clean the home in 10 minutes? We shall give you some clean up strategy tips which will help you maintain order at all time and even unexpected visitors will not catch you by surprise. Our rules are simple and very practical, so they will definitely be of help to every housewife.

How to clean the home quickly 10 minute strategy ideas

We have all been in a situation to get a text message or a call from a neighbor, friend or family member informing us that they will stop by. Have you looked around in panic wondering how to quickly clean up the home and make it look more presentable? Despite the fact that many people claim they have no worries how their home looks, the truth is that no one likes visitors when the living room is a mess.

How to make quick clean up more fun?

woman cleaning the house listening to music


To many, house chores are tedious and unpleasant. Well, you can try and make them a little bit more pleasant.

Before you start cleaning, change your pajamas, wash your face, brush your hair and brush your teeth. Something as simple as that makes all the difference!

Listen to music and focus on your goal. Play your favorite music while cleaning. In this way the unpleasant chores will be much more bearable and will not ruin your mood!

How to clean the home quickly – do’s and don’ts?

how to clean the home quickly dos and donts

Do not start cleaning all rooms at once. Focus your energy on the space where you receive visitors, most often this is a living room and a dining room so pay special attention to these rooms. Your goal is to make the space as neat and attractive as possible. Involve the children and ask them to help. Assign them tasks suitable for their age – dust wiping, mopping, removing toys, etc.

Decide on the amount of work so that you can finish the tasks within 10-15 minutes. Plan your “route” around the house. Choose detergents, cleaning products and household items for cleaning, keep them in a place convenient for you.

Don’t try to move or lift things that are too heavy. Ask someone to help you, or don’t do it at all.

When vacuuming, make sure nothing gets in your way. Do not walk on wires and cables, you can stumble or damage the cable surfaces.

Do not let children handle cleaning agents and detergents. Spray them yourself and let the children only wipe the surfaces.

Clean the home quickly strategy – Get rid of clutter

quick home cleaning tips get rid of clutter

All clean clothes that are in the room must be sent to the closet, dirty ones – to the laundry basket. It is enough just to remove these things from sight, later you can put things in order in your closet by neatly laying out your clothes. Remove all dirty dishes from the room. If you don’t have time to wash all the dishes, at least put them neatly in the sink.

Take a look around. To visually create a sense of order, get rid of extra boxes, small items, clothes on the backs of chairs. When you want to clean the home for 10 minutes, it is better to collect all small items in a box or bag and hide them from the living room. To make quick cleaning easier, it is better using two bags – one for garbage, the other for things. In this way you will quickly remove everything unnecessary and you can immediately throw out rubbish.

Get rid of cobwebs

Get rid of cobwebs 10 minute clean up strategy ideas


Make sure there are no cobwebs on the ceiling or in the corners of the room. If there are any, use a vacuum cleaner to remove them. At the same time, look around the corners on the floor as most often dirt accumulates there.

Empty the trash cans

empty trash cans quick 10 minute cleaning tips

Take out the garbage in the kitchen and bathrooms and place empty trash bags into the bins.

Dust the furniture

Dust the furniture quick home cleaning tips

Dust spoils not only the appearance of the interior, but also makes the air heavy. Wipe all surfaces and do not forget about a computer or TV if there is one in the room where you will receive guests. Window sills attract a lot of attention, especially if there are no curtains on the windows. Wipe them down too. To prevent dust from settling, use a polish or special dust remover. Do not forget to thoroughly wipe the mirrors in the hallway, living room and bathroom.

Clean the floor

cleaning the home in 15 minutes tips mop the floor

Be sure to vacuum and mop the floor of the room. Start mopping from window to door, do not forget to clean the baseboards, they usually collect a lot of dust.

Fluff the pillows

fluff the sofa pillows quick cleaning tips

Quickly fluff the pillows on your couch. If you have a blanket, make sure to fold it nicely and place it neatly on the back of the couch or simply take it out of the living room.

Fresh air and pleasant scent

light scented candles for pleasant aroma at home

Unpleasant smells can ruin the first impression. Be sure to ventilate the room by opening windows in several rooms and thereby creating a draft. This will fill the room with fresh air faster.

Tangerines, oranges and lemons will help to make the aroma in the apartment more pleasant. Chop up citrus fruits and let their aroma fill the air.

If you will be using air fresheners or scented candles, do not overdo it. Remember, guests may be allergic to strong odors.

How to quickly clean the guest bathroom?

how to quick clean the bathroom at home

Remember that guests will wash their hands and go to the toilet. As you know, a spotless bathroom is essential and speaks of the owners.

Turn on hot water in the bathroom and close the door – steam will remove dirt faster.

While the bathtub is “steaming”, treat the toilet bowl with special agents. For disinfection, use those that contain chlorine.

Thoroughly brush the inside of the toilet bowl. Rinse off the water several times.

Put all your tubes, bottles and cosmetics in one place.

clean bathroom mirror 10 minute clean up strategy

Wipe down the outside of the toilet using a multi-purpose cleaning spray and microfiber cloth.

Wipe off the mirror. Spray glass cleaner, start wiping from bottom to top.

Wipe the floor.

Check for toilet paper and soap.

Hang up clean towels.

How to clean the kitchen in 1o minutes?

How to clean the kitchen in 10 minutes

If you have accumulated dirty dishes, load them carefully into the sink, close the drain, pour in hot water and add detergent. While the dishes are soaking, clean up the kitchen surfaces.

Remove all unnecessary items from the kitchen table and countertop. Wipe off dust and other dirt from the surfaces of household appliances.

Wash the dishes and wipe off any wet stains.

Sweep, then mop the floor. Start from the far corner of the room, moving towards the exit.

10 minute clean up strategy ideas how to quick clean your home



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