The Cuddle Mattress- the best mattress idea needs our aid

Innovative Cuddle Mattress slices

Are you a hug lover when you sleep? Do you feel comfortable in your bed? No? What if there was a mattress that lets you cuddle in comfort all night? Here is the best mattress idea that was presented lately to the public. The Cuddle mattress is designed by Mehdi Mojtabavi for all who love to cuddle in their bed.

Why the Cuddle mattress is the best mattress idea

options demonstration sliced cuts

There is a very simple answer to this question – couples can sleep all night in their arms. Cuddling creates a feeling of happiness and coziness. It is a different way of a nov-verbal communication and a very powerful way to show your partner the depth of your feelings, to comfort your beloved after a long tiresome day, or just show your sympathy in a cuddly “I understand the way you feel”. Cuddling is comforting, it gives a sense of belonging, tenderness and love. The innovative Cuddle mattress is the best mattress idea that gives us the chance to have a bit more closeness, romance and warmth every night.


The advantages of the best mattress idea

best idea Cuddle Mattress sleeping

The Cuddle mattress is made out of soft sliced foam strips each separately covered in fabric. While the central part supports the body, the slices of the top and bottom end of the mattress give you the chance to cuddle as much as you wish. The sliced cuts can move apart and create gaps for arms, shoulders, feet so there is no more kicking or squashing while trying to hug your partner. One can easily insert their hands or feet in the slots and will not feel any physical discomfort.

Mehdi Mojtabavi has already been prized for the Cuddle mattress design. The reason we present the best idea to your attention is that the designer needs help for the start of the large scale production process. We believe that having the Cuddle mattress on the market will be fantastic and we are sure that many people would find this product useful. After all wouldn’t it be just wonderful to finish each day with hugs and cuddles?

Cuddle Mattress Mehd Mojtabavi innvovative design





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