Minimalism in dinnerware sets design – Vido Nori’s concrete collection

by Kremy

 dinnerware sets design concrete collection

Dinnerware sets design has been a part of our daily lives, hasn’t it? We all chose the way our table would look and the way our food will appear when served. Today we turn your attention to this unusual bold design which is a creation of the young designer Vido Nori. Being a professional architect her dream is to design houses complete with everything to the final detail. As there are no fancy materials in this collection it is considered to be in an unique minimalist style.

tableware design collection vido nori


If you ever dreamed to be in a time machine dinnerware sets design can make your wish come true. You may go back to the Louis XIV period and have a lavish royal dinner or if you wished to experience a caveman adventure in the stone age the concrete collection will give you the chance but in a more modern way. All parts of this concrete tableware are handmade and if you are not fond of washing dishes, you will appreciate that they are also machine washable . Further to that they are very light despite the stony look. Usually concrete would not be our first choice for dinnerware but on second thought the stunning look of this collection would not be out of place in your mountain log cabin, would it? You just need to be bold enough to imagine your party in an unconventional  style.

sculpturing your dishes serving dishes

Being used to round or square shaped dishes the concrete set of Vido Nori changes our perceptions for forms and shapes. Creating a balanced combination by pairing concrete with cuisine she has pushed the borders of dinnerware sets to a new boundary… or no boundary at all. Looking at this edgy minimalist style you can’t help thinking of the beautiful art of origami. The geometric sculptures that you can create on your table will complement the food you serve and you will have an small art gallery in every dish. As a final feature of this incredible collection we should mention that all pieces are stackable and joinable so you can sculpture every dish in your personal way.

serving plates vido nori origami look

minimalist serving bowls

minimalist concrete plates vido nori

dinnerware sets dip bowl

dinnerware sets concrete serving bowlcontemporary minimalist collection concrete platters vido nori

concrete serving platter edge shaped

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