A modern dining table design -“Marbelous” by Ontwerpduo

by Kremy

modern dining table design Marbelous way to play

Forget about having just another boring evening. The modern dining table design is now here for all of us. The “Marbelous” table designed by the Dutch duo Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders, known as the Ontwerpduo is giving us the opportunity to be in two worlds at the same time – the world of adults and the magnificent world of children.

modern dining table Marbelous fine piece of furniture


The creativity of this “Marbelous” piece of furniture cannot be denied by anyone – adult or child. The inspiration behind it are the jolly games of childhood and the simple fact that they should not end when we grow up. Excuisitely crafted of maple wood and carved on the surface, legs and support, this modern dining table design by Ontwerpduo can turn into an interactive game at your wish. You can put marbles in the tracks and have fun with your children or guests, especially if you did not manage to prepare a desert. Yes, you have to mind your step if marbles follow their woodcrafted way to the ground, but this would add more fun to the game.

Marbelous by Ontwerpduo neat storage drawer

In most homes the dining table is also a desk, a drawing top, a cat perch, a toy storage – you name it. Yes, we make our dining tables multi-functional but is it really fun? „Marbelous“ gives our kids the pleasure of inventing a world of their own while dining. If not in use, the marbles are neatly stacked in a neat wooden drawer. The dimensions of 200 x 90 x 76 cm provide enough space for eating and this playful piece has won several awards for the beauty and design. Yes, when not using it to play, it is really a very handsome piece of furniture. Somehow I can’t help thinking of a restaurant furnished with „marbelous“ tables and the laughter that will explode all over the place. Now the well known „Dinner is served“ is „marbelous“- ly challenged by this modern dining table.

modern dining table Marbelous carved legs

Marbelous table by Ontwerpduo support system

Marbelousby Ontwerpduo carved legs detail

Insprirational dining table ontwerpduo




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