Maple cabinets – a good choice for elegant and modern kitchen cabinets

by Kremy

maple cabinets maple kitchen cabinets contemporary kitchen

Maple cabinets are a great choice when you want an elegant modern kitchen and accent on the beauty of you cabinetry. The cabinets are the backbone of any kitchen design and the most visible element of the interior. Maple kitchen cabinets will give you the modern visual aesthetics and the warmth of wood and natural maple cabinets will complement any kitchen – large or small.

Maple cabinets – fine-grain and light color in contemporary kitchen

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Wood is one of the most popular materials when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Most people associate wood with country, craftsman or rustic style, but actually it fits perfectly in a modern home. Natural maple cabinets create an exceptionally cozy and warm atmosphere and offer you the strength and durability of solid wood. When properly treated your maple kitchen cabinets will not be susceptible to moisture and temperature variations and will serve you for a long time. Maple cabinets work in a great way with granite or natural stone countertops, stainless steel, tiles and depending on the design style that you prefer you can have your dream kitchen.

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Many people think that a contemporary kitchen has to be dominated by glass, stainless steel and glossy finishes. We selected some examples of gorgeous modern kitchen with maple cabinets which combine modern lifestyle and the warmth and texture of wood.  Maple cabinets have a smooth, fine grain and the design opportunities are unlimited. Maple wood is light colored but if you prefer darker shades, you can opt for stained maple kitchen cabinets which will suit your taste, personal preferences and the design style of the interior.

Advantages and disadvantages of maple cabinets

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There are many reasons to choose maple cabinets for your kitchen. Maple wood is very strong and whether you choose its natural light color or opt for stained cabinets, you will be sure that the finish will last for years.

maple cabinets maple wood advantages

One of the main advantages of maple cabinets is the strength of wood. Maple is stronger than birch, pine or oak and will resist dents, scratches, cracks and dings. Maple kitchen cabinets would be the best choice for high-traffic kitchens.

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Maple kitchen cabinets are versatile and will work with almost any design style. The non-porous surface of maple wood takes staining perfectly and you can have your maple cabinets in any finish or color. In addition, maple cabinets are available in many styles and colors and you can easily find the cabinets that suit your budget, kitchen design and decor – modern or traditional.

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One of the drawbacks of maple cabinets is that they may lose their color or fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Another consideration is the price of maple kitchen cabinets. Natural cabinets are more expensive than cabinets made of alternative wood species, MDF or soft woods. However, those want to enjoy a beautiful kitchen and benefit from the strength, durability and exceptional beauty of maple, definitely realize that this is a worthy investment.

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