What do you need to know when choosing a futon mattress

by Kremy

how to choose futon mattress bed platform wood

Everyone knows that a comfortable bed is essential for the good rest and is of greatest significance for our health and energy. That is why the bed is the most important furniture piece in every bedroom. We will give you some ideas for a futon mattress, which many people may find unusual, although modern designs offer excellent solutions and ideas.

What is a futon mattress?

traditional futon mattress Japanese futon mattress red black


traditional futon mattress roll Japanese futon mattress red black

The answer to that question is simple – a futon mattress describes the Japanese traditional bed which is called futon. The traditional Japanese bed includes the shikibuton – the mattress; the kakebuton – the comforter; and the makura – the pillow. Traditionally, the futon is cotton-filled and is about three inches thick.

Modern futon mattresses types

modern futon bed wood frame japanese style bedroom

Traditional Japanese beds are placed on thick tatami but the traditional flooring in our homes is much more solid and inconvenient. That is why futon beds have either a platform or an additional structure. Modern futon mattresses feature traditional cotton filling as well as other materials like polyester, wool, foam, etc. One of the most important characteristics of a futon mattress is the weight. If the mattress is very light, the person sleeping on it may feel the floor or the supporting structure under the mattress. Flexibility of the mattress is another feature, which is especially important if the mattress is meant to be used on a sofa bed.

How to choose a futon mattress?

DIY wooden bed futon mattress wooden bed frame

When choosing a futon mattress you need to have a clear idea how often someone will sleep on it. Whether you use it occasionally or on a daily basis, the thickness and comfort are important. Thin futon mattresses look great but may be inconvenient. Opt for a high quality futon if you plan to use it on a daily basis with a thicker mattress and a wooden platform. Cotton and foam mattress weighs less and the combination holds shape without sagging. A combination of cotton and polyester is even lighter and is very suitable if you need a flexible and soft mattress. The visual aesthetics and the size are also to be considered. A bigger size will require a bigger frame, so you need to check the available space.


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