DIY decorative velvet pumpkin – beginner-friendly sewing instructions for a noble fall decoration

by Kremy

Velvet is currently very trendy and already adorns many homes in the form of a sofa or at least in the form of decorative cushions or blankets. Would you like to decorate with velvet or add to the accessories you already have? Nothing is better in fall than a velvet pumpkin! What is that supposed to be? In this article, we will not only introduce you to the trendy decorative velvet pumpkin, but also show you how you can make one yourself. And don’t worry, the project is definitely suitable for beginners!

Make your own pumpkin decorations for fall

DIY fall decoration pumpkin from velvet simple instructions for sewing

One of the special things about velvet is its shimmering look. It promptly creates an elegant eye-catcher that fits into any furnishing style, as we will show you after the DIY instructions using several examples. A decorative velvet pumpkin is not only ideal for your own home, but is also a great gift.

Typical fall colors are particularly suitable, including purple and dark green. Or how about designing a decorative pumpkin in gold? Simply choose a suitable color, because the fabric automatically brings the gold shimmer with it. Other metallic colors are also suitable: gray velvet for silver decor, for example, or rusty red for copper color scheme. The composition with decorative velvet pumpkins becomes even more autumnal if you combine several ones in different colors.

This is how you can make the pumpkin decoration yourself:

DIY a decorative velvet pumpkin in simple steps

fall table compositions with decorative velvet pumpkins


You need:

  • elastic velvet fabric in any color (feel free to combine several); for the three sizes in the example you will need about one square meter
  • marker
  • scissors
  • Yarn (unwaxed dental floss is also suitable)
  • sewing needle
  • beans or rice for filling
  • dried pumpkin or zucchini stalks
  • hot glue
  • optional: upholstery needle, funnel

Make a decorative velvet pumpkin with dried pumpkin or zucchini stalks

Drying the stalk: air dry for 8 weeks or in the oven at 90 degrees C for about an hour.

Spread out the fabric in front of you, back side facing up. Now use the marker to draw the desired pumpkin size. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, because the edge won’t be visible in the end. A diameter of 60 cm was chosen for the large pumpkin and 40 cm for the middle one. If you want a perfect circle, you can also place a plate or bowl upside down on the fabric and trace it. Then cut out the shape.

How to make decorative velvet pumpkins

Then thread the yarn through the sewing needle and start sewing along the edge of the fabric using single stitches (about 1 inch apart). The punctures are approximately 2.5 cm apart. Once you get back to the beginning, gently tug on the yarn so that the velvet puckers and creates a sort of sack. But don’t close it completely yet, because now you have to fill it with rice or beans. A funnel can make this step easier and faster for you.

Decorate the mantelpiece with the velvet pumpkins

Now pull the fabric completely closed, gathering the edges of the fabric inward. Sew the hole closed with a few more stitches so that everything is closed tightly and the filling material does not fall out at some point (you can also use an upholstery needle for the large pumpkins). Don’t worry if the yarn shows here and there. It will not be visible once you glue the stalk. However, try to keep the sewn area as small as possible. Tie a tight knot and tuck the excess thread into the velvet pumpkin.

Decorative pumpkin made of velvet table decoration for autumn

Finally, glue a stalk in the middle with hot glue. However, do not use too much glue as it may ooze out on the sides when you stick it on and become visible. Now you can display the finished velvet pumpkin decoration anywhere you like and move on to the next one.

Home decoration with pumpkin – chic velvety ideas to imitate

Rustic and classy velvet pumpkin decoration for fall

The finished pumpkins can be displayed in a variety of ways – in groups, with flowers and other fall decorations, with fairy lights if you want your decoration to be lit, etc. The pumpkins themselves can also be decorated with rhinestones or pearls, for example, in order to display them on the table, the mantelpiece, the windowsill or in another place. But see for yourself:

Dining room decoration with velvet pumpkins and mushrooms

Decorative pumpkin made of velvet in pink with rhinestones

DIY fall decoration in pink with rhinestones

Use patterned velvet for added accents

Decorative velvet pumpkin modern fall decoration

Decorative bowl with pumpkins and cones

Decorative bowl with blue velvet pumpkin and cones

Elegant table decoration in pink and white

DIY decorative velvet pumpkin romantic fall centerpiece

Make your own pumpkin decorations out of fabric in fall colors

DIY decorative velvet pumpkin table centerpiece Thanksgiving ideas

Fall decoration with pumpkins – mantel and coffee table

Combine velvet pumpkins with other materials

Combine velvet pumpkin decoration with other materials

Combine pumpkins made of different materials as table centerpiece

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