Doormats – create a functional, attractive space at the home entrance

by Kremy

rope door mat DIY craft ideas

Doormats at the front door are accepted as an ordinary part of any home. Our ancestors believed that the doormat not only serves to wipe the feet, but also has the power to protect the home and the inhabitants from a negative energy. However, the simple object, that we usually take for granted, and quite often overlook, can transform the space near the entrance into a functional and visually attractive space.

 Doormats materials – what is the best one?

original river stones door mat design natural materials


Doormats can be very different. Some make them out of old tracks, rugs or straw. Some people prefer rubber, and some textiles. Choosing the material of the entrance mat is very important. A rubber doormat is perfect for areas, where there is a lot of mud and dirt. Metal doormats have a long-life and durability. They cannot be stained and are easily cleaned. Doormats from natural materials like bamboo or wood have a great visual effect and are also eco-friendly. The largest group of materials – the fabrics – include a variety of different types of materials – cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, etc. Each material has its advantages and the choice depends on the taste of the homeowner.

 Doormats designs and ideas

cool doormat ideas monogrammed doormat home entrance

Usually entrance doormats are made of dark, non-staining colors, but if you want to spice up your interior, you can find or make them in more vibrant colors. A design solution, which became a hit, is a mat, made of straw. Once you have determined the size and the material of your doormat you could look for the best design that would fir your home. Whether a welcoming message or a fun note, a seasonal theme or a personalized design – the choices are all there for you.

Welcome doormat leaf shape home decorating ideas

 Rainbow colors doormat

House entrance decorating ideas rainbow colors door mat


Personalized doormat with the family name

Unique doormat design personalized doormats

 Seasonal doormats – Christmas theme

Santa Christmas doormat holiday decoration ideas

 A funny doormat design

modern cool doormat ideas front door

moustache doormat cute home entrance decor ideas

 A welcoming doormat

Hello doormat design ideas greeting message

Contemporary doormat design

enter key doormat cool doormat designs

Bar code doormat

creative doormat design ideas bar code

Floral pattern doormat

modern doormats ideas floral motif

 Halloween theme doormat

halloween theme doormat round spider web

doormat with chandelier house entrance ideas

Doormat design ideas cloud DIY craft ideas

Doormat color house entrance decorating ideas

DIY door mat rope beautiful home decorating

cute doormats designs pink flamingos

cute doormat design ideas hearts

halloween pumpkin doormat home decorating ideas

home for christmas doormat indoor mats design ideas

christmas theme doormat red green christmas trees

christmas doormat cotton christmas decorating ideas


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