Bamboo furniture – versatile and sustainable products

by Kremy

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Bamboo furniture can be manufactured in different designs – from simple and functional to lavishly decorated and eccentric. Chairs, armchairs, beds, benches and even lamps are made from this sustainable material. Although the number of people who turn to this material is steadily growing, furniture from bamboo is still exotic.

Outdoor patio furniture from bamboo wood upholstery sofa set


Bamboo is considered to be the raw material of the future. It’s elasticity, toughness, stability and hardness are connected with the Eastern cultures. Bamboo has been a part of the life in Asia for centuries. It is an excellent building material for houses and is successfully used for utensils, containers etc. which makes it versatile. Bamboo furniture is an extremely eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood furniture. Strictly speaking, bamboo is not a wood species, but a giant grass. It is fast growing and within 24 hours bamboo can grow up to one meter, i.e. the bamboo produces much more wood than trees such as oak and beech, and generates more oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide.

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By using bamboo as a material, the natural ecosystem is preserved and the slow-growing forest resource is protected. Another useful feature of bamboo is its resistance to fire and chemicals and extreme durability. Elastic and yet inflexible, the sustainable material with a long tradition offers several processing options which gives the furniture a rustic styled look. Bamboo furniture is suitable for use both inside and outside as it is stable and extremely light and has a robust and easy-care design.


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