Office partitions for a functional and modern workspace

by Kremy

Unique glass office dividers screens

Office partitions are especially popular in modern workplaces as they provide workspace privacy. Many companies prefer to work in areas with open floor plan which sometimes creates a lot of noise which affects the working process and the well-being of the employees. In large areas the partitions not only divide the space but help for sound absorption and a better working environment as well. Lumicor panels are especially suitable.

Office partitions types

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Modern office partitions are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes with modern and stylish look and there are several basic types which can help to divide the workspace. Desktop screens are widely used as they mark the individual working space and are the easiest way to reduce the immediate noise. Desk dividers can be fixed or moveable and some designs feature an adjustable height. Freestanding screens are used to divide different zones in a working area. Mobile screens are similar to the freestanding but most of them have castors and are mostly used in modular workspaces. The most popular materials for office partitions are glass, laminate, plastic and even magnetic whiteboard panels.

The advantages of glass office partitions

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Glass office partitions allow more amount of natural light which ensures a bright and pleasant work space. Another important advantage is the fact that they are fire proof and this is really important for the safety. Glass partitions in the office are cost effective as they save on energy consumption. They are functional, easily and quickly installed and the installation hardly requires structural modifications. When the glass partitions are made of frosted or colored glass, they create privacy and reduce noise levels. Partitions are especially useful when the managers want to divide the different departments, which is very important for companies who have multiple visitors and in addition glass partitions provide a slick, beautiful look and feel to the workspace. Office partitions can be used for additional storage space – employees can attach storage baskets, for example and use them as organizers. Office partitions offer a great flexibility as they can be easily moved from one place to another.

 Plant containers can be used as a room divider in the workspace

office partitions ideas living plants plant containers

Desk screens – office furniture design

office partition ideas desk screens office furniture


Mobile partition screens – flexible use of the office area

modern office partitions mobile screen panels office privacy

Colored panels – modern screens

modern decorative office partitions colored panels

An S-shaped partition wall

mobile office screens dividers s shape

Glass partition walls

glass partitions ideas contemporary design

Contemporary workspace with glass walls

glass divider partition ideas modern design

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glass partition walls modern designs

modular partitions privacy screens

modern glass partitions noise reduction privacy screen

modern home partitions decorative panels

Modern home partition apartment interior design

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glass partitions room dividers contemporary design

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