Lumicor resin panels – the perfect decor for public or home interiors

decorative ceiling design ideas ceiling lighting

Lumicor resin panels are the perfect decoration if you want to make a statement with the design of your interior. The spectacular decorative panels can be used in public spaces as well as an impressive home decoration. You can use Lumicor panels as door inserts, partition walls, shower screens, kitchen splashback, desk or countertop surface and you can be more than certain that these innovative products will be the eye catcher of every room. The innovative technology of the decorative resin panels encapsulates natural materials – reeds, wood veneers, shells, textile elements, etc and the result is a high quality product with enormous decorative values.

Lumicor resin panels in public spaces

Natural green leaves decorative ceiling panels design

Lumicor resin panels find their place in large public areas with modern and creative decoration. One of the most spectacular and impressive designs is the glacier ribbon ceiling designed for the First National Bank in Detroit. The amazing lighting installation was created with Lumicor’s custom translucent decorative panels shaped to create a wave look. The panels add a unique character to the decor of restaurants, hotel’s reception desk, even to the nurse station at the Norton hospital.


Woodland resin panel reception desk decoration

 Glacier ribbon ceiling 

Glacier Ribbon Ceiling ceiling designs ceiling lighting

 Decorative wall panels

interior wall coverings ideas wall panels design

Spectacular decoration for every interior

spectacular interior decorating ideas resin panels natural elements lumicor

Metallic silver wall panels partition wall ideas interior decoration ideas

Lumicor decorative wall ceiling panels interior decorating ideas

Lumicor decorative panel nurses station

creative wall panels natural seaweed interior panels

creative wall panel designs natural elements resin panels Lumicor


Unique home decorating ideas with Lumicor resin panels

Lumicor railing panels modern staircase design ideas

The combination of organic material with light, color, texture and depth in Lumicor resin panels makes them functional and original solution for home decorating. These panels do transform any interior space. A modern staircase with attractive panels immediately looks like a piece of art. The railings transform an ordinary design into an exceptional one. A kitchen backsplash looks elegant and unique while bathroom walls or partition walls create an intimate ambience with the stylish appearance. In case you want to customize your horizontal surfaces – a Lumicor panel will be the right choice for a table top, kitchen countertop or a bartop.


unique bathroom designs black furniture translucent panel decorative wall

 A beautiful staircase panel

Modern staircase designs beautiful railing panels ideas

 Elegant and stylish kitchen backsplash

lumicor resin panels kitchen backsplash ideas

Beautiful bar top panel – an accent in the home decor

lumicor resin bar panel modern kitchen design ideas

Spectacular walls with Lumicor panels

dining room wall decorative panels modern home interior

translucent resin panels partition walls modern home decorating ideas

Lumicor resin panels straw leaves interior partition walls

Lumicor Calypso desktop fantastic surface panels modern kitchen tabletop ideas

interior decorative panels resin lumicor unique home decor

decorative resin panel birch fade Lumicor home decorating ideas

Bathroom decorating ideas partition wall lumicor panel

lumicor resin panels unique bathroom design ideas bathroom decoration

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