Charming Easy Hairstyles for Kids: Ideas for Girls & Boys

by Kristiyana

How can I style my kids hair at home? What hairstyles can you do for school for both girls and boys?

If you are looking for ways to style your children’s hair to make them look even more adorable and to keep it out of the way, then you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at our charming ideas for easy hairstyles for kids with tips and tricks and how to do them.

Charming Easy Hairstyles for Kids: Ideas for Girls & Boys

easy hairstyles for kids girls boys ideas to do at home

Before you know it, your child has grown so much in front of your eyes, and the same goes for their hair as well. Kids are constantly playing and stirring up trouble, and their hair often gets in the way. Either they start to feel too hot, or gum and other sticky things gets stuck in it. Wanting to style your children’s hair in a neat and comfortable manner is perfectly understandable in such occasions. And better yet, there are some charming hairstyles for both girls and boys that are perfect for school or kindergarten as well! Don’t trust me? See for yourselves!

Simple Loose Pigtails Hairstyle for Girls

simple easy hairstyle braids for girls

Does your little girl have long curly or wavy hair? Are you regularly looking for ideas on how to keep it in one place? I remember when I was a little girl, my mother would always come up with all kinds of hairstyles to style my curly mane. Bows, ribbons, braids, and one of the easiest and quickest ways would be to comb my hair after coming out of the shower, and once it dried she tied it into two loose pigtails. That way I felt comfortable while playing outside with my friends, and also still looked pretty cute might I say.

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Stylish Hairstyle for Boys for Games & School

stylish haircut for boys

Styling boys’ hair might not have that many options as opposed to easy hairstyles for girls, but there are still some pretty useful and cute ideas you can try. For starters, before your child goes out you can use a little water or hair mousse that is safe for children, and part their hair in one direction. Use a comb to neatly set the hair in place. The end result is a stylish and suitable haircut both for games and school.

Easy Hairstyles for Kids: Ballerina Bun for Girls

simple ballerina bun for girls

A ballerina bun is another super simple idea for styling your little princess’ hair. No matter if her hair is straight, wavy or curly, just simply pull it up in a bun and secure with an elastic and bobby pins if needed. To add more flare to the hairstyle, tie the hair instead with a ribbon or embellish with a cute bow.

Perfect Easy Boys’ Hairstyle for a Birthday Party

easy hairstyles for little boys

Is your kid going to a birthday party this weekend? Then this easy hairstyle for boys is just what you are looking for! How to achieve it? Start by washing your kid’s hair. Then, while the hair is damp, apply a volumizing mousse suitable for children. Proceed to blow dry the hair in an upwards directions to get that volume. Use a comb to part it in the direction your child wants, and finish off with a hair spray to hold.

Cute & Chic Twisted Braids for Girls

easy hairstyles for kids ideas for girls

Every little girl wants to match with her best friend. You can offer your princess to do her hair in a pretty braid hairstyle, as well as that of her friend’s. Start by applying some sea salt spray to achieve casual waves. Then take two small sections of hair from the front and twist them. Secure at the center with an elastic, hair clip or pretty ribbon or bow.

Adorable Mohawk Hairstyle for Toddlers

adorable mohawk for toddlers

This hairstyle is so adorable! Can’t wait to try it out on my nephew. It’s as easy as it looks. Simply wet your fingers and style your toddler’s hair into a cute and edgy Mohawk. Be sure to take lots of pictures, as who wouldn’t want to remember such a charming face?

Add colorful faux hair extensions to your child’s braids

braids with faux extenstions for kids

Simple & stylish hairstyle for boys for school

easy hairstyle for boys

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