Fall Farmhouse Decor: 15 Simple Ideas for a Warm and Cozy Home Makeover to Copy in 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

As the temperatures begin to gradually drop we naturally feel the need to create a more cozy atmosphere in our homes. Have you ever wondered why so many people gravitate towards decorations with a rustic aesthetic during the colder months of the year? Fall farmhouse decor is characterized by raw natural materials and organic fabrics that bring a sense of comfort and tranquility into the space – which, deep down, is what we all crave! Browse through our selection of seasonal decoration ideas that can turn any home into a snug sanctuary!

Fall Farmhouse Decor Ideas 2023

organic pillows blankets rustic interior fall farmhouse interior decor 2023

Do you want to give your home a farmhouse makeover but don’t know where to start? Decorating your space shouldn’t feel like a burden, especially during the fall when we all start to live at a more mellow pace. Here are some key elements that characterize farmhouse decor, which will help ease your creative process:

  • An earthy, neutral color palette.
  • Solid wood and clay tableware
  • Plaid and stripe patterns
  • Soft and rounded shapes
  • Non-shiny vintage metal items
  • Floral arrangements with wildflowers
  • Any typical items that can be found on a farm and recycled as interior pieces – ceramic planter pots, milk buckets, goat carts, etc.

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DIY Dough Bowl Table Decoration

diy dough bowl faux pumpkins fall farmhouse table decoration


Once used by our grandmothers to mix and knead bread dough, now dough bowls serve a much wider, and predominantly aesthetic purpose. You can easily find them in different sizes and price ranges, which makes them incredibly accessible and versatile. Because they’re made of wood, you can easily paint them and give them a unique personalized appearance that fits your home aesthetic better. You can use it to create a seasonal table centerpiece by adding some faux leaves and mini pumpkins painted in rich earthy colors.

Floating Apple Candles

floating apple candles fall farmhouse front porch decor idea

Yes, you read that right – floating apple candles! This super simple and unique idea will make an impressive front porch decoration! All you need is a metal bucket filled with water, a couple of real apples, and tealight candles. Take a spoon to carve out a hole in the apple big enough for the candle, so that it can sit securely in it. Place the candle inside, light it up, then carefully put the apple in the water and watch it float! Finish off the decor by adding a couple of pumpkins in various shapes and colors around the bucket and voilà – your farmhouse-inspired front porch aesthetic is done!

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Fall Faux Wagon Arrangement

wooden milk bucket vase goat cart arrangement fall farmhouse decor idea

Bringing a goat cart into your home? That is a real farmhouse decor dedication! Turn it into the focal point of your entryway by adding faux foliage, brown leaves, branches, a couple of white pumpkins, and a nice pot with fresh mums! Another rustic element you can add is a wooden milk bucket filled with your favorite flowers that will bring life and vibrancy into the space!

Farmhouse Mantel Decor

rustic fall farmhouse mantel decor idea 2023

If you have a mantel in your home, you will probably agree with me that it’s one of the most enjoyable areas to decorate. Because the fireplace is the heart of the house that’s usually situated in the living room, it instantly becomes a focal point that will organically attract attention to anything you wish to display above it. To give it a seasonal makeover in a farmhouse style add a few wicker demijohn bottles in different sizes and use them as vases for wheat or dried flowers. Place around a couple of micro pumpkins arranged at different heights, some feathers, and one or two old books for an effortless and lived-in appearance.

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A Rustic Symbiosis of Fall and Halloween Decor

dried flowers rustic ghost pot halloween fall farmhouse decor idea 2023

If you want to kill two birds with one stone and combine your fall and Halloween decorations in a coherent aesthetic, I have one tip for you – go for a minimalist approach and neutral color scheme. Here we have a beautiful dry flower arrangement that oozes rustic fall vibes. However, it is placed in this elegant abstract ghost-like pot which instantly turns it into Halloween decor. Just place the pot with the eyes facing the back until the 31st and then turn it around!

More Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Your Home

farmhouse plaid patterns faux brown leaves branches fall decor 2023

Front Door Decor with an Old Rake, Faux Branches and a Twine Bow

front door fall farmhouse decoration old rake faux branches twine bow

Simple Pumpkin Floral Arrangement Placed on a Round Wood Plate

pumpkin mums flower arrangement fall farmhouse decor diy idea

Oranges Mums Potted in an Old Picnic Basket

picnic basket mums faux orange leaves branches fall farmhouse decor

Harvest Dining Table Centerpiece

harvest table centerpiece rustic tablescape fall farmhouse decor ideas 2023

Wood Tier Tray with Faux Flowers, Micro Pumpkins, Candles and Pine Cones

wood tier tray pumpkins faux flowers candles pine cones simple farmhouse decor fall 2023

Rustic Wood Tray with a Vintage Clay Vase and Matching Minimalist Faux Pumpkins

rustic wood tray clay vase leaf branches fall farmhouse kitchen centerpiece

Beautiful Display of Vintage Brass, Wood, and Clay Tableware in Farmhouse Style

vintage brass wood clay dishes vases fall farmhouse decor ideas 2023

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