Organizing a party for Christmas 2022:10 most fun and original holiday party themes

by Kristiyana

Am I the only one burning with excitement over this year’s Christmas celebration? I certainly hope not! I just can’t wait to go back to my home town, see my childhood friends, and spend quality time with my family. Likewise, I suppose that you also have something special planned for Christmas, don’t you? You don’t?! Well, we can’t have that! Every one deserves to let loose a bit and go have fun during the upcoming holidays. Why not invite some close friends and family members over to celebrate Christmas together with a bang? I am thinking of a Christmas themed party! Oh, I just love those! And if you don’t have any ideas for holiday party themes, just keep on reading to discover the 10 most fun and original ones you can possibly find! Let’s go!

Christmas Candy land party theme

candyland party theme_christmas candyland theme

Everybody loves candy, so why not decorate your living room, or rent a space, to set up this magical Christmas Candy land theme? This theme can be a hit among adults, as among children. To create it think big like giant candy canes and lollipops, huge cupcakes with frosting, a variety of different flavours of candy, and all this not just for eating! Use real sweets or candy decorations to bring the theme to life!

Ugly jumper holiday party theme

ugly-christmas-sweater party_christmas sweater party


What about some funny holiday party themes? Gather those closest to you and have an ugly jumper party! Everyone has to wear the most ridiculous Christmas jumper they can find, or make one by themselves, and you can throw a contest for which one is by far the most hilarious and hideous jumper! The winner will get a prize, and you can all enjoy and laugh at your jumpers by taking pictures to remember this awesome event!

White Christmas party theme

white christmas party_white christmas party theme

Looking for classy holiday party themes? Well, you’ve found one! Go for the White Christmas party theme and have all your peers wear white clothing to the event. For decorations think faux snow, a tree decorated all in white ornaments, white balloons, snowflakes, white tablecloths, basically an all white and chic Christmas decor!

Gingerbread house decorating party

christmas party theme ideas_gingerbread house decorating party

Decorating a gingerbread house, is one of the most lovely and tasty Christmas traditions! A party theme that will be enjoyed not only by the youngest, invite friends and family members over to participate in a contest for the best-looking and most delicious gingerbread house! Set up working stations for your guests with gumdrops, peppermints, candy canes and other candy of your choosing, and let the decorating party begin! Take pictures of your tasty creations to show off your decorating talents.

Roaring 20s holiday party theme

roaring 20s christmas party_retro christmas party

No one parties like Gatsby! Create your very own roaring 20s Christmas theme party and have all your friends dress up as flapper girls and mobsters. For decorations, think anything in gold, silver, and black. Decorate your tree with ornaments in these colours, or get a black one and decorate it all in gold and silver for a more stylish approach. Think of glitter and sparkles. Don’t forget the balloons!

The Nightmare before Christmas party theme

nightmare before christmas party_holiday party themes

What about mixing a Halloween party theme with a Christmas one? No better choice other than The Nightmare before Christmas party theme! Have your guests wear the costumes they went with for Halloween 2022, or any spooky costume they have, and advise them to give their attire a Christmas spin. Maybe go as a Zombie Santa? Mix Halloween decorations with Christmas ones, like carving the film’s title character Jack Skellington into a pumpkin!

Nutcracker holiday party theme

best holiday themes_nutcracker party theme

Barbie in the Nutcracker is still by far my favourite childhood film! I was so obsessed with it that I would practice Barbie’s ballet routine in front of the hallway mirror for hours a day. I used to dream of what would it be like to be part of that film’s world, but now I can recreate it in my own flat! Create a magical holiday party theme (Barbie or no Barbie) for your guests this Christmas with fairy-themed cupcakes, Nutcracker decorations, sparkly candy, and Tchaikovsky’s original score playing in the background.

Karaoke Christmas party theme

christmas-karaoke-party_christmas party themes

Let’s have some fun this Christmas by throwing a karaoke party! Advise your guests to choose their favourite Christmas songs in advance and have an all out sing-off! You can rent a karaoke machine if you don’t have one, or simply display a screen big enough so that the song lyrics can be visible for the singers. Decide on an area in your place to be the main stage for the contestants, decorating it with streamers and string lights.

How the Grinch stole Christmas theme

holiday party themes_how the grinch stole christmas party theme

Looking for another kid-friendly holiday party theme? Then go with How the Grinch stole Christmas one! Nothing like using a classic Christmas film to decorate your place and have a few laughs about it with friends and family. For decorations, you will surely need a lot of green (especially green faux fur!), but otherwise the traditional Christmas colours of red and white are greatly suited here. Make cupcakes with green frosting, and you can’t go without at least one decoration with Grinch’s famous smirk!

Christmas costume holiday party theme

christmas costume party_christmas costume party theme

As we already mentioned, dressing up in costumes is not only saved for Halloween! For a few laughs here and there, have all your friends dress up as classic Christmas characters and invite them over for a Christmas costume party! You can again have a contest for the best-looking attire, and bonus points for anyone with an original idea.

Did you enjoy going through all of these unique holiday party themes? I certainly thought it was fun! So many amazing ideas to choose from. Luckily, you have decided on one by now. If so, go and throw the Christmas party of a lifetime! Happy holidays everyone!

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