How to clean a black sink? Remove traces of soap, limescale and make it shine again!

by Kremy

Let’s face it, black sinks add a special touch of elegance to a contemporary kitchen or bathroom. Most often, they are made of resin mixed with granite, quartz or slate, among others, which makes them scratch resistant to varying levels. However, these same materials are prone to white stains from soap and limescale (calcium deposits) buildup. So, how to clean a black sink? The good news is that occasional cleanings with proven products can keep the composite sink looking brand new. So you won’t have to struggle with stubborn soap stains and downright nightmarish limescale buildup.

How to clean a black sink?

clean black sink tips natural cleaners

Wondering how to clean a black sink that is whitening without running the risk of damaging it? For daily cleaning, okay, let’s be real and say weekly, just use a vinegar-based solution. To do this, start by mixing equal parts water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle.

how to clean black sink from white stains make vinegar solution


Then, spray the solution on visible soap scum and impurities that have accumulated in the sink. Use a cloth to rub the stains in circular motions, rinse with lukewarm tap water and wipe dry. At best, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth or sponge. If you can feel hard particles in the sink, remove them before scrubbing or you risk damaging the surface.

how to clean black sink and restore shine

Note: Some of the mass-produced limescale cleaners can be used to clean a black sink, but you need to make sure they don’t contain abrasives. Some chemicals, such as bleach, can also cause discoloration, especially if their concentration is higher. So avoid products that contain them to prevent inflicting irreparable damage to your sink.

Fight soap buildup

how to clean black sink remove traces of soap limescale and make it shiny

If your main problem is soap scum buildup, get a clean soft cloth or cloth towel. Wet the cloth with warm tap water and wring out any excess water. Next, place a drop or two of mild dish soap on the cloth and rub in circular motions until the whitish buildup begins to disappear.

tips to clean black sink remove traces soap

Afterwards, rinse the sink with cold or lukewarm water to completely dilute the residual dishwashing detergent. If your faucet doesn’t have a pull-down spout, use a sprayer, cup, or direct the water with your hands. Target corners and angles where the buildup of food debris and soapy stains is usually quite heavy.

Finally, all you have to do is dry the sink by wiping it with a soft-textured towel or cloth. Apparently, how to clean a black sink that turns white due to soap residue is not too difficult. But what to do when maintenance has been neglected for a long time and you face more serious damage?

How to remove limescale?

how to clean the sink with soda

If you want to know how to clean a black sink from accumulated limescale, you must first arm yourself with the universal miraculous product that can clean everything impeccably. Yes, you probably guessed that it is omnipotent baking soda! Wet the sink, sprinkle enough to cover the affected area and let it sit for 30 seconds or so.

Then, gently rub the stain using a soft, clean cloth or sponge. Work in circular motions, initially exerting little pressure, until you feel the limescale loosen. If it does not move, apply a little more force while rubbing and keep increasing the pressure until you notice results.

how to remove soap build up with soda paste

As an alternative, you can make a sort of descaling paste by adding a few drops of water to baking soda. After applying it where needed, use the same circular motions to loosen the accumulated limescale by gradually increasing the pressure. Rinse the entire sink with lukewarm tap water using a cup if the faucet is not a spray.

Keep rinsing until all traces of limescale and baking soda are gone. Dry the sink with a clean cloth or soft-textured towel, always, using gentle circular motions. To avoid new stubborn build-up, clean regularly with diluted white vinegar and, when possible, dry after using the sink. As a bonus, you’ll prevent bad smells from the drain!

Can we restore the initial shine of a black sink?

how to clean black sink remove soap descale make it shine like new

And what to do to restore the shine of a black sink that has begun to lose its charm? Use a soft cloth and turpentine to buff the entire surface of the sink. After polishing, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth. Now you know how to clean a black sink and how to restore it to the shine of the day it was purchased!



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