Here’s How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast, According to Health Experts!

by Radost P.

How to effectively lower your blood pressure, without taking meds? Which are the best natural methods that actually work?

How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast Without Medication? Here Are 8 Proven Ways That Can Help You!

how to lower blood pressure fast and naturally

Contrary to popular opinion that once you have a hypertension, you cannot decrease it (which is not true), we are giving you expert tips on the changes that you need to make in your lifestyle.

Limit Your Intake of Processed Food

processed meat


As you probably already know, processed food is high in salt and sugar, which lead to high blood pressure. The best example of this kind of food is processed meat – it might be tasteful, yet it is not good for your health. So, try to eat as many natural meals as possible.

Avoid Smoking

avoid smoking

Needless to say, smoking can negatively impact your overall health, so it is wise to quit it until you get addicted. Your blood pressure increases due to damaged blood vessel walls, narrowed arteries, etc. The tobacco is so strong that it affects even non-smokers in smoke-free areas.

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Prioritize Sleep and Exercise

exercise to reduce hypertension

According to scientific research, exercising can help you manage your blood pressure more effectively, as it provides various benefits for your health. Regular exercise may include things like biking, using the stairs, or even walking every single day. Good sleep hygiene is also important for regulation of your blood pressure.

Drink Enough Water

drink enough water lower blood pressure

With the busy lifestyles most of us have, it is common to forget to drink enough water each day. However, if you are looking for a natural method to reduce your blood pressure, you should prioritize water as much as the right diet plan. 

How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast and Naturally? Learn How to Control Stress!

reduce high blood pressure by controlling stress

Everyone experiences stressful situations from time to time, and we all have things that we worry about. The question is: how do you manage stress? There are healthy and unhealthy ways to do so, which determine how you will feel overall. Learn how to do deep breathing, take a walk, or listen to your favorite music. 

Improve Your Diet

improve diet lower hypertension

Consider whether you are eating enough whole grains, fruits, and vegetables on a daily basis. These are important for your heart’s health and the overall functioning of the systems in your body. Consume more zero-fat dairy products and nuts.

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Limit Alcohol Consumption

limit your alcohol intake improve health

This means a maximum of one drink per day for women, and two drinks for men. Instead of drinking a glass of wine, why not try green tea or oolong (Chinese tea), which are both effective in decreasing your blood pressure level. 

Take Garlic Supplements

how to lower my blood pressure fast with garlic

Natural garlic is your best option, yet if you do not currently have it, use the supplements – they were found to be quite effective in regulating hypertension.

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