How to Plant Gerbera? Learn Everything About this Majestic Flower

by Kristiyana

The majestic and vibrant colors of Gerberas are much appreciated in our gardens and enchanting interiors. We therefore need to know how to cultivate them, and what care they require, so they can delight us with pink, red, yellow, or white flowers. How to plant Gerbera? How to preserve this beautiful plant in winter? And that’s not all. Let’s now dive into the enchanting magic of this flower!

is the gerbera an indoor plant how to plant the gerbera and keep it in winter

Is the Gerbera a Houseplant?

The origins of this plant are found in tropical regions of South Africa and Asia. It is distinguished by a dark center and flower petals. The Gerbera is an annual plant that is well suited for ornamental gardens or interiors. Most Gerbera varieties are delicate and struggle to survive temperatures below 5°C/41°F. But the Gerbera “Garvineas”, for example, are resistant to cold and survive without a problem at -10°C/14°F. In the video below you will find expert advice on how to grow this Gerbera variety even outdoors.

The lifespan of a Gerbera is approximately 3 years, which is why care must be taken to ensure its renewal during this period. The flowers of the exquisite plant can reach up to 12cm/4.72in in height depending on the variety. They are full of flowers that stay in full bloom for two weeks and last just as long if cut and placed in a vase as a bouquet.

How to Plant Gerbera?

how to plant the gerbera or when to water in winter maintenance tips

As we have already seen, Gerberas prefer warm climates, but they can adapt and grow well in temperate climates as well. They can be planted both in the ground and in pots. Which potted plant resists cold and frost? To plant Gerberas in the ground, you must first dig a hole in well-loosened soil. The size of the hole must match that of the root ball. Once the root ball is in place, position it in the center using your hand. Add potting soil and leave a distance of 50cm/19.68in between the flowers.

care tips for planting gerbera in ground pot

Would you like to plant the saturated flower in a pot? The main aim is to ensure that the pot is larger than the root ball and has drainage holes. Once you’ve found them on the garden shelves after April, you can now look for pots up to 20cm/7.87in in diameter.

It is important to place a drainage layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot. Then add potting soil to fill the space. Water sparingly to avoid the risk of root rot. It is therefore recommended to leave at least 2cm/0.78in between the top and the edge of the pot to avoid any overflow.

Where to Plant the Gerbera?

where to plant gerbera how to plant when watering winter maintenance indoor in pot in ground fertilizer

Gerberas like to bathe in the sun or be housed in semi-shaded areas. If you live in an area with a mild climate, you can plant them outdoors in spring down to temperatures of -5°C/23°F. It is advisable to plant the flower after April. Place the flower sheltered from the wind, in soil rich in humus and well drained.

How to Water the Plant?

how to water gerbera watering winter maintenance ground pot soil

If the flower is planted in the ground, it is advisable to water it early in the morning or late in the evening during the summer months, when there is no sun. Do not wet the leaves and flowers. In winter, reduce watering and water when the mixture is almost dry. Remember that the flower is very sensitive to stagnant humidity.

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It is best to wait for the substrate to dry between two waterings and to leave it a little damp in summer. Potted Gerberas require regular watering to prevent the root system from drying out. During the summer months, water every other day. Concentrate watering at the base of the branch.

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