How to Remove Pet Hair From Washer and Dryer? Try Out These 6 Expert Tricks!

by Radost P.

How to get pet hair out of washer and dryer? Which methods are actually helpful, according to pros?

How Do I Get Pet Hair Off My Laundry? Here Are Simple & Easy Hacks That Work!

how do i get pet hair off my laundry

No matter how much we love our pets, it can be quite annoying to notice dog hairs on your favorite clothes that have been recently washed and dried. So, what to do in this situation? Can we even prevent it while living with pets?

Rinse Clothes With Vinegar

rinse your clothes with vinegar


As you know, vinegar is a great cleaning solution for various things at home. So it is not surprising that if you add half a cup of it into the washing machine during the rinse cycle, it will help to soften the fabrics of your clothes. As a result, it will be easier to get rid of the clinging dog hairs.

Clean the Machines Regularly

regularly clean your washing machine and dryer

When you have a pet in your house, it becomes extra important to take care of the washing machine and dryer. You should wipe down the inside of your washer and clean the lint trap of the dryer. You could turn on the empty washer on a rinse cycle in order to ensure that it is completely clean. 

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Don’t Forget to Bathe Your Pet

bathe your pet regularly

Regular brushing and the overall grooming routine are important for your pet’s health and hygiene. When you bathe your dog on a regular basis and use anti-shedding shampoo, excessive hairs will be removed before they end up in your washing machine or dryer. 

Use a Kitchen Sponge or Lint Rollers

use a lint roller or a sponge

Before leaving your clothes into the washer, eliminate as much pet hair as possible. For this purpose, you could use either a kitchen sponge or lint rollers – they are quite effective in removing those annoying pesky hairs. 

 Try Using the Dryer Before Washing Machine

how to remove pet hair from washer

According to experts, when you put the clothes in the dryer for about 15 minutes on a low-heat cycle, this will help to soften the fabrics and most of the pet hairs will be collected in the lint trap instead of the washer. 

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Loosen the Pet Hair With Hand-Held Steamer

use a hand held steamer

For delicate clothing items, you may use a hand-held steamer that will ease the fabrics, and you will be able to easily brush off the pet hairs from the clothes.

How to Remove Pet Hair From Laundry With Specific Dryer Sheets?

dryer sheets for removing excess pet hair

There are specifically designed dryer sheets that remove excess pet hair, thanks to their antistatic properties and fur-collection features. So, it is definitely worth it to consider buying some of these.

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