How to Use Gas Grill as a Smoker? Convert the Function of Your Device with a Few Easy Hacks!

by Snezhana Besarabova

You probably like the aroma of the grilled delicacies, but are you lovers of a smoked cheeses or meats? If the answer is positive, there is special news for you, and it is that the same grill in your garden may give this your favorite smoked flavored food. And the change of the functionality of your device is so simple that may be done with a few easy hacks! You are surely not the only one. Many enthusiasts of outdoor grill cooking on the grass appreciate the distinct taste and tenderness that smoking can offer. The transformation of your gas device into a cooker with smoke requires some simple modifications and techniques. We are going to guide you today through the process of how to use a gas grill as a smoker, and what are the advantages of this change.

Can You Turn a Grill into a Smoker?

how to set up a gas grill for smoking

It’s absolutely possible and require just a few easy to follow techniques. Although gas grills are specifically designed for direct heat cooking, you can convert them into makeshift smokers and enjoy the tender flavors that intensive smoking gives to food. The key to such successful transformation of your gas grill lies in maintaining indirect heat and a low temperature for a longer period.

How Do You Convert a Gas Grill to a Charcoal Smoker?

is a smoker better than a gas grill there are some advantages


What are the steps needed to be taken when wondering how to use a gas grill as a smoker? You should make some simple modifications. To prepare for this change, you’ll need a few essential tools and materials. Now, let’s get started with the changing process:

  • Materials and tools for conversion: Buy an aluminum foil, which will be used for your smoking packet. Then take a pan, fill it with water and place underneath the cooking grate to serve as a drip pan, which will help to maintain moisture and catch the drippings. Additionally, you should have lump charcoal or briquettes for keeping the smoking process, as well as wood chips or chunks. Soak the chips or chunks in water for at least 30 minutes before use to prevent them from burning too quickly.

how to use gas grill as a smoker form an aluminum ball or other voluminous form

  • Take off the grates: Your first step when learning how to use a gas grill as a smoker is to remove the cooking grates from your baking device to free space for the charcoal and the wood chips.

how do you convert a gas grill to a charcoal smoker

  • Arrange the charcoal and the wood chips: Make a layer of unlit charcoal on one side of the grill, leaving the other side empty. This separation is needed to keep an indirect heat. Then scatter the soaked wood chips or chunks over the charcoal.

how to use gas grill as a smoker place charcoals and wet wood chips

  • How to use gas grill as a smoker with wood chips: Wrap a handful of soaked wood chips in aluminum foil, leaving small openings on the top to allow smoke to escape. Place this smoke packet directly on the lit burners of your gas grill.

how to use gas grill as a smoker make a ball or packet from aluminum

  • Switch on the grill and monitor it: Turn on the burners of the grill on the opposite side from the charcoal. After that, adjust the heat to the desired temperature, between 225 °F (107 °C) and 250 °F (121 °C). Then place the drip pan filled with water beneath the cooking grates. It’s important to keep an eye on temperature and adjust the burners as it’s needed to maintain a steady heat. You may also need to add more soaked wood chips while cooking your delicacies to maintain a continuous flow of smoke.

how to set up a gas grill for smoking with a few easy hacks

Remember to be patient during this process, as it requires slow and steady cooking at low temperatures. Additionally, always follow safety guidelines and refer to your gas grill’s manual for specific instructions on using it as a smoker.

Learning How to Use Gas Grill As a Smoker: Pros and Cons

how to use your gas grill as a smoker enhance the smoke flavor

The choice between a smoker and a gas grill depends on your cooking style and taste. Both methods offer some advantages. Smokers provide a deep, smoky flavor that is highly appreciated in cheeses, meats and other foods. On the other hand, gas grills, offer a slight smoking taste. It also allows precise temperature control, making it easier to achieve consistent results, while smokers require more attention and monitoring to maintain the desired heat. Gas grills also are versatile cooking appliances that can handle various types of food, including grilling, roasting, and even baking. They offer a wide range of temperature settings, allowing you to cook different dishes with ease. At the same time, smokers are ideal for achieving that authentic smoky flavor. Grills are known for their convenience and quick startup, because they heat up rapidly, allowing you to begin your cooking in no time. Smokers, however, require more time and preparation. They operate at lower temperatures and often need longer cooking times to achieve the desired results.

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