How to Use Gpt 4? The Many Ways the New AI Model Can Make Your Life Easier

by Kristiyana

Are you excited about the launch of the newest OpenAI language model, GPT-4? Well, you should be! GPT-4 is said to be far better than it’s predecessor GPT-3 when it comes to creativity, accuracy, in-depth analysis and many more other factors. But which are they, and how to use GPT 4 to make our lives easier? Find out now by reading all about the newest AI model.

What is GPT-4?

how to use gpt 4 what does gpt 4 do

GPT-4, which stands for Generating Pre-trained Transformer 4, is the fourth edition of OpenAI’s GPT series of big language models. It is the popular GPT-3 model’s successor, and it powers the viral AI chatbot ChatGPT. What is ChatGPT used for? In ChatGPT, you can chat with an AI robot that can help you out with various tasks. From getting answers to simple questions to creating complex program codes, the AI chat has come to be useful to a lot of people. The newly-launched GPT-4, like its predecessor GPT-3, is again intended to generate human-like text, but surpassing the previous model in quality. But just how far can you go with GPT-4?

What does GPT-4 do?

Like the model GPT-3, the new GPT-4 can again perform tasks such as creating summaries or translating texts, and even write poetry, music lyrics or fictional texts. The new AI model has been trained to operate with a vast corpus of data, which betters the quality and accuracy of its performance in different tasks. What’s new with GPT 4 is that now you can finish projects that require more creativity and complex understanding. As an example, with the GPT 4 model, you can code video games. Twitter users have reported how the model codes an entire video game in their browsers in just a few minutes. Other functions of the new AI model include:

  • Describing uploaded images
  • Generating recipes based on uploaded images
  • Creating websites by a mere sketch

Sounds amazing right? Let’s then see how we can use the new GPT-4 model in our daily lives.

How to use GPT 4?

Want to make your life easier? GPT-4 can contribute by…

Helping out with daily tasks

what's new with gpt 4 gpt 4 for daily tasks


For starters, let’s say that you have invited friends over for dinner, but only have a few ingredients at home and don’t have any spare time to go out shopping for more. You can take a picture of everything you do have and upload it to the chatbot. Explain that you need a fast and easy recipe, and the AI will generate one for you in no time.

Create websites from an image

Are you thinking of launching a new website for your business or just for fun? GPT-4 can make it all the easier for you! Just by using a simple scribbled diagram, the AI can create a completely functional site.

GPT-4 can do your taxes

gpt 4 explained gpt 4 openai

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Yes, with the new AI model, you can even do your taxes! Although, the model is not a tax professional, it is highly plausible that in the future this model or maybe the next one will be trained with specific tax tools to make a consumer’s life easier.

Write longer complex texts with GPT-4

The predecessor GPT-3 had a word limit of 3,000 words. This meant that the generated texts were not always a 100% accurate and could go off-topic. But things are different with the new GPT-4 model. Now, you can generate texts up to 25,000 words! Due to this, the chatbot can give you a response with a lot more context and detail. You can use this feature to write a paper for school, or for any other similar task.

Explaining jokes or memes

how to use gpt 4 for daily tasks how to use gpt 4 features

Didn’t expect that one now, did you? It appears that the clever GPT-4 model can even explain a joke or meme to you! Haven’t you sometimes felt that awkward feeling of a peer sending you a meme or telling you a joke, and you just stand there, feeling a bit out of touch with everything… Forget about that feeling now! You can send the joke or meme to the chatbot, and it will explain the meaning to you. How neat is that?

Understanding a user’s writing style

Lol, I wish this model was around when I was doing my English Literature degree… Could have helped a lot when trying to understand the “voice” of an author. We’ve all been there – you are at school or university, and you have a task to write a paper about a certain author, poet, you name it. However, not everyone likes or enjoys literature, so an AI feature like this one can come in handy when you have literature classes or courses.

All in all, always keep in mind that every piece of information generated from the AI must be taken with a grain of salt. Its training data hasn’t been updated since September 2021, so the model can’t offer you with information that has been produced since then. Plus, the AI models have been known to “hallucinate” – go off-topic, give false data. However, the new GPT-4 model is said to hallucinate a lot less than it’s predecessor GPT-3.

Wondering how to use the GPT 4 model more effectively? Read all about it and learn 5 life-changing Chat GPT 4 tricks!

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