Reasons Instagram is the Next Big Thing for Internet Marketers

by Kremy

Since it was invented, Instagram has become a powerful marketing platform for businesses that want to grow their presence and product visibility. If you haven’t already jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon, you could be doing great injustice to your business. This article explains why Instagram is too important a marketing platform not to take notice of.

The Internet has gone mobile, and so is Instagram

Instagram is a powerful marketing platform for businesses

The internet has transitioned slowly from its original desktop setup to mobile. Today, research shows that people are spending more time on their mobile phones (57%) than they do on desktop (43%). Mobile isn’t just a trend but the main way that users are accessing content on the internet.

Thankfully, Instagram is an all-mobile app and it’s something that gives it an undue advantage over other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram was conceived as an app right from the start, unlike other social media platforms. While these social media platforms have invested lots of money in their mobile app, it’s quite difficult to turn a platform that was originally created as a desktop into an app that functions intuitively and seamlessly as a mobile native app.

If you do a quick side-by-side comparison between Instagram and these other apps, the point becomes abundantly clear. As other apps are struggling with infinite updates geared toward integrating multiple pages, the simple and stripped-down interface of Instagram makes it intuitive and user-friendly for mobile users.

More people are using Instagram.

popular social media Instagram is an all mobile app

There are currently 1 billion Instagram users every month. Of these, 700 million use the platform on a daily basis. 80% of these users are outside the US, which gives you a perfect opportunity to market your offerings to the rest of the world. With such a huge fan base, the sky is the limit as far as the level of success is concerned.

It’s for all types of businesses

Instagram social media rates highly in terms of engagement

Given its huge fan base, the amount of success you can achieve with Instagram marketing is unlimited provided you have a large enough following. This also goes for the big and well-established companies and the smaller shops and even sole proprietors.

But you shouldn’t expect success to come overnight, though you can accelerate the process if you buy Instagram views from a reputable company such as It doesn’t even happen to the most well-established companies. However, if your marketing team is intent on getting your company on the map, they just need to maintain an active presence and schedule to post a minimum of one post every day. It’s how the big guys like Adidas, Nike, and Coca-Cola, as well as other small businesses, have used Instagram effectively and thrived.

Businesses can make money directly from Instagram.

businessman using mobile phone app

Instagram has evolved from the time of its inception and has now become a major revenue earner via product placement. Through a program called shoppable posts, businesses can add tags to items in the images with links that have a product description, ability to “shop now”, and prices. These direct your followers to your online store.

This latest service enables businesses to make sales from Instagram directly. This is supported by research that shows 72% of Instagram users said they purchased products through the channel.

Instagram rates highly in terms of engagement.

There is no better thing than your customers knowing that you exist. With Instagram, you even get a chance to interact with your customers daily. People naturally want to voice their opinions, more so if they liked something. The good thing is that Instagram gives users a place to like, comment, and even share their best posts. If you can get more comments and likes, the chances of your company becoming visible are higher. To get more likes, take professional and high-quality photos, partner with other local brands, and also use local hashtags. One other way to shorten the learning curve is to get Instagram views. It will give you a large number of followers in no time and this increases your chances of selling.

To boost the level of engagement with your users, it helps to have more followers on board. For a business that’s just starting out, this can be a tough call. Luckily, some companies, for instance,, can allow you to buy Instagram views, likes, comments, and even shares from them and increase your fan base.

Your posts are more likely to be seen.

For those who have used Facebook marketing, you will agree that making your posts visible is next to impossible. Facebook not only allows users to have a greater level of control over the content appearing in their News Feed. However, the Facebook algorithm curates the News Feed of each profile automatically based on their interactions and connections. It means that if your users do not immediately and regularly engage with your content, they are likely to stop seeing it.

How to Know If Your Business Should Be On Instagram

man using his mobile phone

Despite understanding the awesomeness of Instagram, you are still unsure of whether or not your business should be on this social media platform? In truth, despite its many advantages, not every business should be on Instagram. Below are a few rules to guide you to decide whether it’s time to dive straight in.

Your target audience consists of a youthful population

Research shows that the bulk majority of Instagram users (71%) are those people below the age of 35. On the other hand, it’s only 56% of Twitter users that are over the age of 30. On Facebook, 64% of users are younger than 35 years. In short, you might have a great message or product but if you choose the wrong channel to advertise it, it won’t matter. You won’t reach your target audience.

You deal in Visually Compelling Products

Instagram marketing entails visuals. It, therefore, appeals to businesses that deal with visually appealing items. For instance, if you are a travel agency that books for its customers luxury vacations, you could use the platform to advertise. Also, it appeals a lot to those that deal with fashion brands. In short, if you deal with something that people will want to see first, Instagram is a great place to market.

Your competitors have already embraced Instagram

Businesses can make money directly from Instagram sales

You should check to find out if your rivals are already running Instagram marketing campaigns. Even if you haven’t decided to buy Instagram views and engage in more robust marketing, if your business rivals are already there, you should waste no time. It’s likely they know something that you don’t. You simply cannot afford to be left behind.


Instagram has a unique advantage that other social media platforms don’t. It was originally created as a mobile app. Since there are more people accessing the internet on mobile devices than laptops, you now know where your customers are. If you are starting, you might struggle to get a substantive number of followers. One strategy that works so well for people is to buy Instagram views to boost your fan base. Provided you purchase from a highly reputable company, you shouldn’t be worried about any backlash. If you want where to buy legit Instagram views, you only need to contact They are a legit and proven company that sells Instagram likes, comments, views, and even shares.


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