Living room wallpapers – a modern furnishing idea!

Written by Kremena Ruseva

living room wallpaper ideas purple floral

The living room wallpapers can cool the entire field and create a completely different atmosphere. They can be used as decoration in a purist or Scandinavian style area. An entire space with tapestry can indeed look old-fashioned or retro looking but with a little imagination, you can make a comfortable and impressive interior

Living room wallpapers – easy, fast, beautiful

Blue retro look

Living room wallpapers are the perfect option if irregularities have to be covered on the walls. They are offered in many designs, which are suitable for any layout. Even more – lots of interesting patterns and pictures are an exciting decorating idea and replace the wall painting in many houses. You can create accents or draw everyone’s attention with modern bold colors.

Living room wallpapers as a part of interior decoration

Japanese style modern

Each space has a special decoration, and it does not necessarily stand in the center of it. It may, for example, be an excellent Persian rug, or a fancy chair, or a picture. However, it can also be the design idea for the walls. Living room wallpapers can replace the boring white paint on the walls and add a cozy atmosphere. Their choice is an easy decision in any case, it depends on which effect you want to achieve. It can be a landscape, a portrait, an image. No matter what you choose, the tapestry should match the rest and meet the tastes of residents, so that they feel comfortable.

Modern graphic motifs as an accent in the parlour

black and white pattern



If the area is designed in minimalist style, you can choose an imaginative covering. But if the furniture or chandeliers set the tone, it is better to select it in neutral tones. Romantic vintage retro wallpaper patterns are more suitable in that case. The room appears brighter and larger if they are in bright colors. Bright horizontal stripes make the living area visually more spacious.

Motifs in the living room can refresh the entire space

Floral pattern pink pillows white sofa and table

Fresh floral design modern

The wallpaper in the sitting area offers a cheap alternative to expensive renovations. They are much easier to replace with new, when the walls need to be repainted.

Retro patterns in the living room

shabby chic retro style

 Classic, elegant and symmetrical

classic furniture luxury

Interesting game of colors – white and purple motifs

modern white leather sofa purple

 Exciting decor with world map tapestry

geography map pattern



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