Lounge furniture for garden and patio with fashionable round shapes

by Kremy

Rattan patio garden outdoor lounge furniture

Much has been written about the effect of colors on human psyche. Have you thought that forms also have some effect on us? Why is the round shape exactly right for lounge furniture, you can find out right here!

Round lounge furniture is a great eye catcher

Garden lounge furniture blinds sunscreen


The perception of forms combines a range of feelings and moods. Just as colors, sounds and scents, the simple basic shapes – circle, square, triangle bring in our minds certain associations. Every time these associations are different, but some principles apply to all. In interior design it is of great importance to know what forms and colors have the best impact on people. In any case, only the personal taste is crucial and matters for the lounge furniture type that you select for your garden or patio.

Lounge furniture accents in the outdoor area

Sofa set outdoor lounge furniture

The circle is the perfect basic form. In most cultures the wholeness of the circle symbolizes infinity, completion and union of all opposites. Exactly the circle is known worldwide as a symbol of rebirth, earth and sun. The circle has neither a beginning nor an end. The round and smooth forms have a balancing effect and are considered feminine and soft. Round lounge furniture form the center, the heart of the outdoor area and is a great highlight.

Fabulous design of the patio and the garden

White sofa round outdoor furniture

Relax chair with curved shape

Pool outdoor furniture ideas lounge chair

The circle symbolizes infinity and safety

lounge furniture wicker decorative pillows

 Outdoor furniture design  in round shape

Round furniture design purple lounge sofa

A garden pergola offers sun and privacy protection

Modern patio furniture round bed

Modular rattan sofa set

Round sofa outdoor furniture ideas

 Garden furniture design ideas

Patio furniture sofa set round shape

Patio set from rattan

outdoor furniture modular design

Sofa set rattan garden deck lounge furniture

Sofa bed design outdoor lounge furniture

Round sofa rattan outdoor furniture design decorative pillows

Rattan sofa round furniture for outside

Parasol coffee lounge sofa outdoor

Outdoor lounge rattan furniture

Outdoor furniture patio furniture round sofa parasol

Modular sofa set rattan lounge furniture

Garden furniture ideas white upholstery


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