18 interior design ideas and Mediterranean furniture style

by Kremy

Living room mediterranean style decorating ideas wooden beams

Find inspiration for decoration ideas and Mediterranean furniture style  – we’ll show you 18 interiors that will surely create a sunny mood.

Living room and white furniture Mediterranean style


The Mediterranean had a great appeal during the centuries. Many civilizations have left their traces in this style. The connecting element between different living styles and architecture has always been the sea. Its great appeal influences the interiors and the Mediterranean furniture style even today. So it is no coincidence that the furniture is usually made of wood / olive is traditional for the region /. Of course, the linen and the white color of the upholstery sofas are more than usual. The Mediterranean furniture should appear light and natural. High ceilings and wooden beams, stone walls and large fireplaces are the key elements indoors. Modern interpretations leave room for plastics – acrylic chairs in the dining room can be combined perfectly with a white table. Rattan furniture in the garden is the best choice.

colorful home accessories living room Mediterranean furniture style

The Mediterranean style is characterized by subtle decoration – whether ceramic vessels or rattan baskets, fruit and flowers on the table are traditional decorative elements. Plates can be glued to the walls, or a rustic wood carving can be the accent in the living room. You can still mix the cottage style with a Mediterranean furniture style. Floral motifs and images are welcome in the bedroom. Let yourself be inspired by these beautiful interior design ideas!

Living room Mediterranean design light green sofa vintage side table

Mediterranean style features handcrafted furniture, most often made of wood. The color palette in different countries is different. For example, in Greece the typical interior colors are white, all shades of blue and emerald). In Italy, warm colors are typical – yellow, red, pink, cream, terracotta, or brick. The living room is the gathering point for families and friends and usually such meetings include a meal. As a result living room and dining room areas are often combined. Functionality and convenience are characteristic for Mediterranean furniture. The style has a particular feature – a limited use of textile and upholstery. This is logical due to the climate conditions and you will hardly see curtains on the windows. The typical window treatment is shutters.

living room Mediterranean design gray sofa floor lamps

White living room Mediterranean furniture style white upholstery

Dining room kitchen mediterranean furniture ideas

Mediterranean furniture style dining room design ideas

furniture style dining room wooden furniture

Bedroom furniture carpet iron bed frame

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Garden furniture style pergola deck tiles

Patio roof garden design furniture style

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