Balcony and patio deck design in Mediterranean style – Ideas and tips

by Kremy

Balcony wooden railing modern metal chairs

If you often crave for sun, sea, beach and warmth, the Mediterranean style of living is just the thing for you! For a balcony and patio deck design in Mediterranean style, you must apply the following design tips.

Balcony and patio deck design in Mediterranean style

Balcony view riviera metal chair design


For the Mediterranean flair of the balcony and patio deck design, natural materials and warm colors are typical. Since the southern countries are poor of wood, it is advisable to get furniture made ​​of wrought iron. There are beautiful patio chairs and metal flower shelves, which are also space-saving. If you would prefer wooden furniture, you should make sure that these do not appear too massive.

Balcony and patio deck design for a wonderful oasis

Balcony design Mediterranean metal lamp lantern

For a Mediterranean vision of the balcony and patio deck design, combine the metal furniture with patterned fabrics. With decorations you have to deal CAREFULLY. A few eye-catchers – metal lamps, lanterns, candle holder or container plants in terracotta vessels bring the Mediterranean flair.

Add a Mediterranean touch in your own garden

Mediterranean patio design tips

The lightness and vitality of the South should also be reflected in the design. Terracotta tiles or a parquet flooring with a rustic look will provide the appearance of a southern country house. Paint the walls in white or pale yellow. Select floor tiles with a sandstone look for a warm comfortable atmosphere. Lighting that exudes warmth are the perfect accent. Mediterranean balcony and patio decks are in close connection with the house and with nature so the Mediterranean interior design is extended to the outdoor area. Fragrant flowers and herbs such as rosemary, lavender and thyme invite you to the cozy outdoor area.

Decorating ideas for the balcony

Balcony railings metal patio furniture design

 High-quality accessories in a modern country house style

Balcony and patio deck design wooden pergola

A harmonious ensemble of Mediterranean accents

Balcony design mediterranean metal table view

Balcony design ideas

Balcony and patio deck design ideas folding chairs

Patio furniture made ​​of metal

Comfortable design balcony sitting area metal table

Terracotta tiles flooring

Mediterranean patio design

Select fresh colored fabrics for the balcony

Balcony design balcony furniture white table chairs cushions

Mediterranean style design for the balcony and the patio deck

Balcony and patio deck design Mediterranean style

Southern flavor on the balcony

Small Balcony and patio deck design color accents

 Metal furniture on the balcony

Green balcony parasol wooden flooring

 Modern lounge furniture

Modern balcony furniture Mediterranean flair



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