Metal garden gates – wrought iron garden gates or modern designs?

by Kremy

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Choosing a garden gate is a task which should not be approached lightheartedly. The gate is the face of every home and is the first thing that visitors, neighbors and passers by notice. What to choose – the magical beauty of wrought iron garden gates or a modern iron gate? A simple gate which adds style, refinement and beauty or a modern gate with clean straight lines? Wrought iron is a timeless material and one of the best options for metal garden gates but if you live in a modern house a gate with straight lines and modern design will be a better option. We shall show you different ideas and discuss how to choose the right entrance to your garden.


Metal garden gates – wrought iron gates are always a good choice




Beautiful, strong and reliable, wrought iron garden gates can be seen at the front of many villas, houses and estates. They are not only a barrier to intruders but a spectacular exterior decoration. Wrought iron gates are a real work of art that fascinate with graceful beauty and power and besides expressing the personality of the home and its occupants, they express the personality of the blacksmith.


From the simplest designs to the most elaborate and stately wrought iron doors, the homeowners know that they choose something durable, which will last for decades and will add to the appearance of the home. The design, style, form and shape of wrought iron garden gates practically have no restrictions. Going beyond the artistic value and beauty of wrought iron gates, we shall talk about the practical functionality of the exterior gates. Metal garden gates made of wrought iron, depending on their type of opening/closing, can be hinged or sliding and the type will depend on the preferences of the homeowner and the existing fence.


The advantages of a wrought iron gate



It is surprising that there are people who believe that wrought iron gateways are awkward, bulky, not aesthetically pleasing and something belonging to the past. It is true that the market offers numerous modern metal garden gates, but mass produced models are not able to give a unique character and an exclusive look to the property. Wrought iron doors are classic and work with any style of exterior as they symbolize strength and durability as well as the individuality and the taste of the homeowner. Elegant wrought iron gateways are true works of art. They are unique and almost impossible to be repeated. In addition, wrought iron works with any other material – brick, stone, wood – and the gate, if not a standalone model, is easily embedded in the garden fence.


In terms of design the options are unlimited – wrought iron fences and doors feature various curls, vegetable stems, exquisite flowers and leaves, and spike peaks entwined in delicate lace patterns. A wide variety of elements and abundance of patterns can be seen which reflect the beauty of Nature in metal.


Some elements of the gate may be coated with a decorative bronze patina or galvanized and stand out beautifully. With the development of technology, wrought iron gates are treated with a corrosion resistant coating and they can be painted in any color to complement the overall appearance of the home. Another great advantage of wrought iron gateways is the fact that they require little maintenance.


Modern metal garden gates with sophisticated design for contemporary homes



Modern metal garden gates combine functional and decorative functions and very often they provide privacy protection for the homeowners. Elegant metal garden gates allow you to emphasize the status of the host and will give a more refined look to the house itself. Aditionally they can be really eye-catching with their shapes and colors.


Unlike wrought iron gates, modern gate designs can combine metal with different materials like glass, mesh, corrugated steel – the manufacturers and designers offer many original and very interesting ideas which will be a complement to any modern home. For example, aluminum garden gates provide durability and ease of operation. Such gates are much lighter than gates made of iron or stainless steel and this is of significance, especially when choosing a big door. If you prefer a symmetric design, modern gates with simple lines and timeless look would be a good choice. Some people prefer more extravagant designs with lots of character which make a statement and demonstrate the individuality of the homeowner.


Modern metal garden gates – creative design ideas



Modern metal garden gates often offer innovative forms, shapes and colors. The many color options provide a great design freedom and an opportunity for a custom design according to the individual wishes – swing gate, sliding gate or cantilever sliding gate with an electric drive, the possibilities are numerous. When choosing your garden gate, make sure that the material is durable and versatile, and will not get damaged by sunlight, rain and sudden changes in temperature. Although metal garden gates made of wrought iron can be very romantic, when choosing the gate, you have to do it with an idea for the overall appearance of your home exterior.


A simple gate will look better if your garden fence is low but if you are looking for something more elaborate you can find very creative and visually appealing designs. It is essential for the appearance of your home that the gate does not overwhelm the space unless you seek for that effect. Whatever option you choose- a romantic wrought iron gate or a contemporary design with clean lines, remember that the gate is one of the important elements of exterior design and it should be in harmony with your house. Enjoy the gallery below where you will find beautiful designs of wrought iron gateways as well as fantastic modern designs.
















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