Mexican tiles in the interior – richness of colors and emotions

by Kremy

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Mexican tiles are widely used in the interior as they are characterized with stunning detailed patterns, bold, rich colors and the ability to create unique warm atmosphere in the home. The intensity of colors and the beauty of the patterns find their place in kitchens, bathrooms and one of the most popular way to use Mexican style tiles id for flooring and attractive staircases.

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Mexican style interior is typical for people who love everything bright and colorful. This style helps to create an atmosphere of warmth in the room, and summer fun. If the colors in the design are chosen correctly the Mexican interior is exciting, original and unique. Combinations of pink and orange or blue and green are typical for the style, and you will often see them in Mexican tiles, although such color combinations may seem incredible and provocative to some people. Other popular colors for Mexican style tiles are watermelon, lime or avocado green, red, terracotta, blue, yellow. The main principles are contrast, brightness and visibility.

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Mexican tile designs are a perfect wall decoration, very interesting and unusual. If you wanted a unique flooring, a special Mexican tile would be an ideal solution. Usually the floor tiles have a large format and a terracotta coloring and is often decorated with ornamented tiles. Bright and individual tiles are used for a wide variety of patio decorations, finishing, stairs, etc. Such tiles will look especially beautiful on arched openings. If you wanted to add a vibrant and cheerful feeling and atmosphere to your kitchen, you can opt for a Mexican tile backsplash. The bathroom could also have a unique design if you combined vivid colors and original patterns.

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