Flocked Christmas tree – a wintry look of your Christmas decoration

by Kremy

Christmas tree decoration flocked Christmas tree

A flocked Christmas tree is the easiest way to achieve a wintry look of your decoration and have a white Christmas even if you lived in an area with a warm climate. White flocked trees are an alternative to traditional trees and many people who care about ecology opt for these artificial trees.


Flocked Christmas tree – pros and cons

white christmas ideas white christmas decoration


If you chose to opt for a flocked Christmas bush you need to know a few facts beforehand. The trees come in different sizes, so you need to measure your available space before buying your tree. The market offers tabletop versions, garlands, etc, so you can match the rest of your decoration with the flocked tree. One of the great advantages of flocked trees are the bendable branches. This allows you to reposition the branches and adjust them in a way which will create a custom look. As a drawback you might point out the fact that flocked trees need to be shaped so that they have a natural look.

How to decorate a flocked Christmas tree

Beautiful white flocked christmas tree decoration

Once you have decided to opt for a flocked Christmas tree you need to consider the way you want to decorate it. It will be a good idea to think about that in advance. Consider what ornaments you want to use, what accents you want to set and most importantly – consider the appropriate colors. No one would be happy if the decoration blends in and loses its charm. If you wanted a “Wow” effect, consider accents of contrast colors or one (two) basic color and different textures.

How to decorate flocked Christmas tree tips

 Flocked Christmas trees are offered in a variety of colors

colorful artificial trees flocked christmas trees


 A beautiful decoration in blue with green and gold accents

flocked tree decorating ideas blue gold ornaments ribbons

 The perfect option for a white Christmas

pre lit white flocked christmas tree

 Simple but eye catching decoration for your home

pre lit flocked christmas tree artificial christmas trees

 A flocked Christmas bush in pink

pink christmas tree home decorating ideas

 Ideas for nice decoration

Flocked Christmas tree decoration tips and ideas

Traditional red ornaments

flocked christmas tree decoration ideas tips colors

Magnificent Christmas lights on a flocked tree

christmas tree decoration ideas christmas lights

white christmas tree decoration white ornaments ribbons

how to decorate christmas tree ideas

Flocked Christmas tree size options decoration tips

flocked christmas tree decoration ideas red blue ornaments

flocked christmas tree decorating ideas color schemes

flocked christmas tree decorating ideas christmas lights

elegant christmas decoration christmas tree decoration ideas

colorful ornaments Christmas tree decorating tips

christmas tree ideas decorating white flocked tree

Christmas home decorating christmas tree ideas

white christmas tree Chrismas decorating ideas

christmas decorations ideas tabletop flocked christmas tree




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