How to choose the best artificial Christmas tree – tips and advices

by Kremy

 Winchester Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

It is always a personal choice what kind of Christmas tree to have for the holidays – a real tree or an artificial one. People turn to the latter option ones for various reasons – allergies of kids, less maintenance and of course nature protection and preservation. And there you are – faced to the challenge to find the best artificial Christmas tree for your home. There are, however, a few things you need to consider before spending money on an artificial tree.

Finding the best artificial Christmas tree

best artificial Christmas tree pine


Once you decide that the best artificial Christmas tree for you, you need to know in which room you will place it. Artificial trees come in various colours, heights and sizes and this is something to take into consideration. Is it going to be a second tree for a guest room or a bedroom, is ti going to be placed along a specific wall, window or other kind of furniture. Most of artificial tees are designed to resemble real ones,and of course there are some designed to fill a different decorating need. The convenience of an artificial tree is indisputable. Each one is neatly packed and once unpacked it is a simple task to put it together. Most artificial trees are flame retardant and therefore safer for home and commercial installations but put a note to check the manufacturer’s label.

Which one is the best artificial Christmas tree

cashmere clear prelit dusted with snow

Artificial trees may be labelled as full, slim, or pencil. Their height varies from tabletop size up to about 3 meters. To ensure that you buy the best for your home, measure the spot where you plan to display it and leave enough room to move around it to decorate. A few words on prelit Christmas trees – they look really great but you cannot change the colour or the size of the lights from year to year. You might be facing a real challenge if you tried to swap a burned-out light. Some trees are dusted with snow – flocked trees – or glitter or have natural-looking elements, such as pine cones and berries but you should remember that these items cannot be removed. Usually artificial trees are manufactured with two types of branches – permanently affixed that are easier to set up and hook-in branches which are individually hooked into a spot on the central tree pole. Finally, you will choose the best artificial Christmas tree as per your needs – whether one resembling a real one or one made of feathers or tinsel. And of course, you have the colour option if you decided to go that way – pink, blue, red – it is all there for you.

  Pink Fashion Pine small

noma wild spruce artificial tree


 A blue prelit

best artificial trees choosing blue

Small size with cones and decoration

small artificial tree

 Brighton Fir prelit tree

Brighton Fir prelit Artificial tree

in red is also an optionred prelit artificial tree

 coloured in copper 

copper coloured artificial tree

 Bayberry Spruce

Bayberry Spruce artificial christmas tree

 Liberty pine prelit, dusted and decorated with cones

prelit liberty pine tree

 Snowy fir with cones

snowy fir white

 Tabletop size

Tabletop mini Christmas tree

white christmas pine prelit

 Richly dusted

 mini christmas purple prelit dusted




Pink Christmas Tree




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