Minimalist closet design ideas – contemporary walk in closet ideas

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Minimalist closet design ideas are especially popular among dynamic people who value rationality, comfort and maximum functionality of the interior. We will show you a selection of contemporary minimalist closets featuring effective planning, functional design and efficient storage and organization systems.

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Minimalist closet design ideas are focused on emphasizing the quality of materials, textures the use of modern materials to create a functional minimalist closet with strict organization system and optimal use of space. Despite the fact that we often see minimalist designs in large homes, the style is especially suitable for small homes as well as it creates harmony and a feeling of order. In general, the style of minimalism is characterized with a minimum of furniture and other interior elements. However, you should not mistake minimalism with asceticism. Minimalist designs can be as comfortable, warm and uniquely beautiful as any other. Minimalist design style is based on some typical colors – usually in the neutral color palette and includes white in contrast to black, gray, often brown or beige.


Minimalist closet design ideas – basic principles and features



Minimalist closet design ideas follow the basic principles and features of the style – creative planning and zoning of available space, modern lighting, simple decoration, the use of clear geometric forms, minimum furniture and almost complete absence of non-functional accessories, simple shapes and lines, using shiny elements – metal, glass, etc., in combination with natural materials – brick, wood, stone. What is most important about minimalism, and we see in minimalist closets as well, is the lack of chaos, perfect wardrobe order and a balanced design with an atmosphere of peace, calm and perfect order.


Generally, the walls are stained or painted in one color. The ceilings are also uniformly painted and the lighting fixtures are with modern design and simple lines. Flooring is wood or tile and the materials for furniture feature wood, aluminum profiles, leather, chrome, glass. As a decorative accent you will see ottomans, stools, small tables, modern chairs.


Minimalist closet design ideas are all about rationality, functionality and comfort. A minimalist closet allows you to create a living space free of clutter and the whole home design is more comfortable and functional as all clothing, footwear, sports equipment, etc. are organized separately. In many modern closets designed in minimalist style the neutral colors accentuate and highlight the minimalist concept. In combination with metal elements and flat ceiling lights such designs look especially modern and quite original.


Minimalist closet design ideas – how to design a contemporary closet?



People either love minimalism, or completely reject it. If you are a fan of minimalism, then you like its simplicity and its lightness and the motto “Less is more” will mean a lot to you. Controlling chaos with the tools and techniques of design create a sense of freedom and yet the space does not seem empty and lifeless. We mentioned the basic features and principles of minimalism in interior design that are the guidelines you need to follow when you want to design a modern closet. Minimalist closet design ideas are based on the main elements of the interior of any other room in the house – walls, flooring, lighting, furniture, decoration. Let’s give a more detailed attention to the elements, the choice and combination of colors and materials and how you can make them work together harmoniously.


Minimalist closet design – the walls


Minimalist closets do not feature bright, bold or vivid colors. On the contrary – you should use one basic color and combine it with a complementary or contrasting shade, depending on the desired effect. The most typical color for minimalist interiors is white. In addition, concrete walls are also widely used as well as black and white color combination. Some minimalist interiors use wall panels made of natural or synthetic materials, such as stainless steel, polished and textured wood, artificial and natural stone.


Minimalist closet design – the floor


Again, minimalist closet design features ultimate simplicity – for example, a smooth gray floor, a carpet or area rug in one solid color, or a wood flooring. However, exquisite parquet flooring with an expressive pattern is inappropriate and in conflict with the simplicity of minimalist style. Think of high quality and wear-resistant flooring which is suitable for a walk in closet in minimalist style.


Minimalist closet design – Lighting ideas


Lighting is essential in any closet design and in minimalist closets it makes a great difference. You will not see glamorous crystal chandeliers in any minimalist closet. If your closet has windows, let the natural light in as this is the best light source ever. However, most closets rely on artificial lighting. In this case, modern LED lights, hidden lighting, spot lights, recessed lighting and contemporary lighting fixtures are the way to go. Make sure that the closet is brightly lit.


Minimalist closet design ideas – how to choose the furniture


As we said, minimalist closet design ideas are not the least ascetic, but people often make that mistake as they see a minimum amount of furniture. However, storage systems are modern, light, functional and comfortable and include drawers, transparent baskets or containers, hangers, rods and lifting mechanisms – all these help the perfect order, organization and clever storage. Many designs offer the opportunity to modify any element of the wardrobe system, to remove or replace it with another. Although the number of furniture in a minimalist closet is concentrated on the most necessary pieces, you still have to have enough space and storage to accommodate all your belongings in an orderly manner.


Minimalist closets offer versatility and the furniture is designed to offer quick access and view of the clothing, we often see glass doors and wood cabinets with clean straight lines. Minimalist closet designs look very attractive when the furniture is made of textured materials in contrast to the sleek modern lines – for example natural wood with expressive texture and beautiful grain is used for the shelves, metal hangers and mirrors on the inner panel of one of the cabinets complement the wood and create the desired contrast. Minimalist closets are popular among people who prefer eco-style as the materials used in the design are mostly natural and the furniture is practical, without frills and excessive decoration, complex patterns or bold, bright colors. There are two main variations in the design of a minimalist closet that are actually opposite to each other. One of them is transparency where you see glass doors, modern organizing systems which allow quick access to clothing and shoes while the other one hides storage systems, mechanisms and hangers behind doors and walls.


When it comes to choosing the right furniture for a minimalist closet, you have to know in advance whether the closet is designed for a man or for a woman. Men’s closets are often very different from women’s closets not only in the choice of color palette or the material for the furniture, but also in the organization system. Men’s closets designed in minimalist style feature contrasting color palette and strict organization of clothing, shoes and accessories. A combination of different shades of the furniture, drawers and storage systems creates an interesting visual effect and transforms the space of the closet giving the masculine character and atmosphere.


Women’s closets designed in minimalist style still keep to the concept of order, functionality and comfort. A woman needs a dressing table and if there is not one in the bedroom, the closet furniture may include this essential furniture piece. Typically, the dressing table is made of the same material as the rest of the furniture. Special lighting is a must but it has to be a part of the overall lighting design of the closet.


Despite the variations in colors and furniture pieces, both men’s and women’s closets, are furnished with clothes racks, shoe racks, open shelves which are ideal for both large and small closet. Dark textured glass doors or simple wood doors are characteristic for minimalist furniture. Glossy finishes are often used as a reflective surface, especially in white to add visual appeal to the closet and make it look more spacious.


A contemporary chair with original design, stools and sometimes an island are also part of the furniture pieces of a minimalist closet. Again, we see simple lines, neutral colors – black, white, gray, beige – and an overall harmonious atmosphere.


Without any doubt, minimalism provides many design opportunities, conceptual ideas and creative solutions. The style works exceptionally well for contemporary closet designs where the main rule for perfect order and well-organized storage system creates modern interiors reflecting the lifestyle of their owners and pay respect to functionality and simplicity in interior design.



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