Modern art – contemporary sculptures by Regardt Van Der Meulen

by Kremy

Ballerina steel sculpture amazing contemporary

These modern art contemporary sculptures made of steel are an absolutely avant-garde collection. They are called “Drip” or “Deconstructed”. The pieces are the creation of a young and talented artist from Johannesburg – Regardt van Der Meulen.  The first one you see is called “The Ballerina” it is also the newest one in the collection.

avant garde sculpture Deconstructed


Designed with passion and a bold modern art statement  all of the sculptures are here to tell us something about ourselves, about our lives and our nature. The artist himself says that he was inspired to create these stunning masterpieces inspired by our modern way of living as a society, our personal exposure to the world and how fragile and strong we can be at the same time. That’s why the sculptures are made of steel but they seem as if they are in the process of deconstruction which is led by some invisible force. This is just a wild guess. An artist’s inspirational secrets cannot be easily revealed. Whatever has inspired Regardt Van Der Meulen, he has definitely created something of great significance to art, because it is personal and it has character. Its strong statement is what makes it so powerful and so memorable.

Decorative futuristic steel sculpture

It is incredible how much contemporary art can tell us about our present and our future. “The illusion of safety in modern society” as Regardt calls it is probably the greatest illusion we all live in. But with his “Dripping” steel bodies, the artist tries to remind us that the only constant thing in life is change and that we are always in motion. And although we might live with the illusion that we are made of steel, we cannot stand still. This is makes us think twice about our capacity, strength and invincibility doesn’t it? Nature, time, motion – this is what reeks from this young artist’s sculptures.  That’s what makes them so unique, strange and extravagant. Yet, they seem familiar because in some way they are a reflection of our souls.

Deconstructed collection modern art pieces

modern art collection sculptures

steel sculpture drip collection

Drip steel sculpture pieces

Incredibly realistic deconstructive human form recreation

modern sculpture home decoration

Incredible sculptures Regardt van der Meulen

Steel Sculptures by Regardt van der Meulen Ballerinas

 Steel Sculpture regardt van der meulen ballerina

 regardt van der meulen modern art steel sculptures

 regardt van der meulen contemporary art sculptures

 contemporary art steel sculpture regardt van der meulen


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