Natural Wood in the Bathroom to Make It Warmer and More Welcoming

by Kremy

Can you use natural wood in the bathroom? If you want a simple, short answer to this question, then yes, you can. Natural materials create a feeling of comfort and freedom which is the perfect combination for a home where harmony reigns. The bathroom is no exception. This is one of the most important rooms in the house not only because the whole family takes care of their hygiene. This is the place where we start out days and relax in the evenings, which means that a beautiful bathroom interior is a necessity! Natural wood in all its varieties is the main element in many design styles – eco-style, farmhouse, rustic, Provence, Industrial, Scandinavian, shabby chic, etc.

Natural Wood in the Bathroom to Make It Warmer

We have to say that wood is a very old building and finishing material until newer materials replaced it. The fact that water does not reduce the life span of wood has been proven centuries ago. The secret is to choose the right type of wood as well as process it. A wooden bathroom symbolizes the well-being of the owners, as well as their wonderful taste due to the fact that furniture and finishes made of natural wood cost significantly more that ceramic tile. If you are attracted to the idea of decorating your bathroom with natural wood, choose durable species like ash, cedar, bamboo, teak, elm or beech. These varieties are the least susceptible to rot, mold and warping, provided they were properly impregnated.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Wood in the Bathroom

Pros and cons of Natural Wood in the Bathroom


Wood has a number of advantages in comparison with many other popular finishing materials. It is beautiful, noble, natural and very practical. Let’s look at the advantages of wood!

Visual Appeal

natural wood in the bathroom has great visual appeal

It does not matter whether it is an affordable pine or an exotic type of natural wood, the finish looks impressive and unique, because the grain pattern of each species is unique. The versatility of the material makes it appropriate in almost any interior style.


Wood in the bathroom adds warmth to the design

Wood in the bathroom gives a special tactile sensation. It is warm, and if not covered with several layers of varnish, it has a pleasant roughness to the touch. This is also a plus for your safety as it reduces the risk of slipping on a wet floor.

Environmental Friendliness

natural wood is safe and environmentally friendly

Wood is completely safe for health. This material does not contain harmful substances and has a fantastic natural aroma. True, this does not apply to wood-impregnating compounds, so check the safety certificates before buying.


wood is a durable finishing material

The material is distinguished by its durability. With the right manufacturing technology, wood can last for decades. It will never be out of style as well and will always look relevant and harmonious.

Wood Can Be Repaired

wooden furniture can be repaired

If you damage the furniture, do not worry. Wood can be repaired. Thanks to this, it will not be difficult to restore its original appearance.

Yes, natural wood certainly offers many advantages but when using it in bathrooms, you should keep in mind several disadvantages of this material:

Natural Wood in the Bathroom Is Susceptible to Water Damage

Natural Wood Is Susceptible to Water Damage

Wood does not like the abundance of water and temperature changes. Under these unfavorable conditions it may warp, swells or cracks. In addition natural wood is affected by mold.

Easy to Damage

wood is susceptible to mechanical damage

Unfortunately, despite all the advantages, wood is still quite soft, especially when compared with metal, plastic or tiles. Because of this, it is quite easy to damage it.


natural wood in the bathroom requires maintenance

Like many natural materials, wood should be given special attention. This is the only way to ensure its durability and the preservation of all its positive properties for many years.

High Price

natural wood in bathroom design high quality material

Natural wood is not cheap. In addition, noble and water-resistant species are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it.

Fire Hazard

natural wood in modern bathroom decor

Many people do not consider this as a factor as we talk about bathroom interiors. However, an unattended candle can set a fire, so this is something to keep in mind.

How to Incorporate Natural Wood into Your Bathroom Interior?

How to Incorporate Natural Wood into Your Bathroom

You can decorate any surface with wood – floor, walls, ceiling. Nowadays it is fashionable to use flooring surfaces for zoning. Therefore, natural wood flooring can be used, for example, only in the sink area. At the same time, not only decoration, but also furniture for the bathroom can be made of solid wood. Wooden shelves look great in the bathroom or countertop near the washbasin. And what about the sink itself or the tub?

Wooden Flooring and Wall Decoration

Wooden Flooring and Wall Decoration ideas in bathroom

Due to modern technology, wood can be used to decorate bathroom walls. Such a material is very attractive in appearance. The texture of wood creates an atmosphere of comfort, and the tactile sensations from contact with it are always warm and comfortable.

Wooden Bathtub and Sink

modern bathroom design ideas Wooden Bathtub

Wooden bathtubs in both light and dark wood are perfect for the design of almost any modern bathroom, being a wonderful decoration. Such bathtubs are made of species resistant to moisture like Cedar, hinoki, and other aromatic hardwoods. A wooden tub is definitely the “wow factor” in any bathroom design.

Wooden sinks look fantastically beautiful and pair well with chrome, bronze or copper faucets.

Wooden Furniture and Bathroom Accessories

Wooden Furniture and Bathroom Accessories Ideas

When selecting bathroom furniture and accessories wood is an excellent choice. Manufacturers offer beautiful wooden furniture sets for bathrooms.

using natural wood in the bathroom is quite possible

In conclusion we can say that using natural wood in the bathroom is quite possible. Yes, high quality wood that is resistant to water, moisture and temperature changes requires a significant investment but the bathroom design will be truly exceptional and outstanding.



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