Mediterranean bathroom ideas – How to create a modern piece of paradise with rustic charm?

by Kremy

A dream of terracotta, olive wood and marble, bright colors and a fresh summer feeling – all this makes a Mediterranean bathroom. Thus, the popular furnishing style can look relaxing and cozy at the same time, as well as offer more luxury and comfort. In a space designed in this way you can find the rest you need after a hard day’s work, to feel like you’re on summer vacation. Get your Mediterranean flair and modern design in the bathroom by finding inspiration in the following examples.

Find inspiration for a Mediterranean bathroom with a feel-good factor

bathroom design in mediterranean style combined with modern elements

Close your eyes and imagine being on an idyllic beach with the sea breeze in your hair. Immerse yourself in the sensations that only a Mediterranean style bathroom can evoke. Since the basis of every bathroom is the sanitary facilities, round shapes and soft lines create a corresponding Mediterranean feeling. Thus, the bathroom radiates a cozy and harmonious atmosphere.

rustic charm with curved walls olive tree in mediterranean style bathroom


Walls with a rustic appearance can look just as great as similar wooden furniture. Olive wood is in fact a preferred type of wood in the Mediterranean region. Walnut and pine are also used and blend in perfectly. However, to protect the wood from water, you must first apply a waterproof primer.

terracotta tiles and plants classic mediterranean style bathroom

With the warm Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop, you can imagine many different views, but the sun always seems to be a part of it. To adapt this to your bathroom design and give you the maximum energy, the Mediterranean design offers you different options such as windows without curtains or clean fabrics and bright colors that reflect the light.

mediterranean bathroom in white with blue windows and accessories

Be inspired by the villas on the Greek coast and make the white color a real star in your bathroom by combining it with fresh shades of blue or bold ochre, red or green. But do not forget the basic accessories and choose minimalist bathroom furniture. Only then can you create free spaces that will become your personal piece of paradise.

Combining contemporary design with classic elements

create a cozy atmosphere for a mediterranean bathroom

It’s the trendiest interior design style right now – Modern Mediterranean takes rustic materials like handcrafted terracotta tiles and adds more modern touches. In addition, such a look is suitable for a Mediterranean bathroom with a touch of contemporary elegance. The Mediterranean-style bathroom design is based on the relaxed and casual comfort that can be found in many homes in Mediterranean countries.

cozy looking half bathroom with biophilic design and artwork on the wall

Tiles are often an important part of this style. A curved bathroom is elegant and has united the shape of the sea wave. The shelves often associated with it guarantee openness, whereby even a Mediterranean-style toilet looks much more comfortable than an ordinary design.

mediterranean bathroom in a modern style with wooden furniture

Designers traditionally rely on materials such as marble or terracotta. In contemporary bathrooms, on the other hand, bright, white and modern designs made of ceramic, cast iron or steel can be observed as clear accents. In addition, the Mediterranean style comes from the decoration and the concept of flooring and wall tiles. This creates a dreamy contrast and combines old style with new impulses.

handmade wicker baskets and rug for a mediterranean bathroom

Bathroom fittings should also match the design. Here, too, it is up to you whether you decide on playful and gold-plated handles, double fittings or lever mixers. However, a must-have in any Mediterranean-inspired bathroom is the rain shower. Cold water runs down your body from dozens of jets and you feel like you’re in southern Europe on a fresh July rainy day. All that remains is to bring this feel-good factor home.

Choose the right materials and furniture for a Mediterranean bathroom

bathroom tiles contrast with white walls

With furniture in Mediterranean bathrooms, the casual, cozy and sun-drenched atmosphere is often enhanced. Natural wood benches, cabinets and chairs, often painted in typical Mediterranean colors such as brown, rust, gold, yellow and light blue, can add a vibrant, saturated element to the design. In addition, the Mediterranean style surrounded by natural materials is undeniable. The tiles boast terracotta and shine in their fiery orange, just like the Spanish midday sun.

create a personal piece of paradise in your own home with a mediterranean style bathroom

Even marble, discovered hundreds of years ago, blends perfectly in such spaces. Just like the floor tiles or on the wall, a Mediterranean bathroom looks elegant and maintains a cool room temperature. Shelves and seating are made of fine olive wood, rattan and raffia. They nestle wonderfully into the interior design. The color scheme is based on earth tones: ochre, brown and beige, as well as light orange and terracotta accents, sea blue and grass green create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.

Decoration inspired by nature and surfaces with textures

double sinks in a large bathroom and rain shower

In the Mediterranean style, the light should circulate freely in the room, as nature does in all its forms. To decorate your Mediterranean bathroom, you can combine plants and wild flowers with shells from your walks by the sea. When you add over-the-counter sinks, vintage-style bathroom fixtures, or wicker baskets for your toiletries, you’ll surely feel how every detail contributes to the balance.

mediterranean bathroom with minimalist shower cabin and mirror

When it comes to capturing the true character of modern Mediterranean design, interesting textures can make all the difference. This includes lamps, chairs and bathroom mirrors. Thus, you emphasize the originality of the craftsmanship and create a welcoming feeling.

Stylish bathroom with a combination of sea colors and wood

Don’t forget the glass. This noble material offers its magical transparency to allow only the essentials to stand out in your Mediterranean bathroom. Define all the decorative elements without overloading the design of the room, allowing light and energy to circulate freely.


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