20 Stylish Parisian Interior Design Ideas to Fall in Love with in 2023

by Kristiyana

Looking to completely upgrade your home this 2023? Wondering which are the latest interior design trends this season? Well, you have come just to the right place. Today, here at Deavita.net, we have chosen to share with you about a luxurious and chic home interior trend that we ourselves can’t get enough of. If you have always dreamed of living in Paris, then you will love the 20 stylish Parisian interior design ideas that we have in store for you. Have a look!

What is Parisian Interior Design?

french interior design ideas

A Parisian interior design is focused on incorporating both classic and modern elements to create a luxurious and elegant home design. It incorporates high-quality materials, neutral shades and bold pieces which are combined in such a way to give your home a balanced chic look. Want to find out which are the essential parts of a classic Parisian-style flat? Here they are!

Discover the Parisian Colour Palette

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So, how to achieve the Parisian interior design look for your flat? First off, you have to start with the basics, hence the colour palette. The typical Parisian interior would start with the colour white as its base. This is often done to highlight the moulding details and wall panels of the home. You won’t see many French flats painted in bright and vibrant colours. Once you start with a white base, from there on you can incorporate darker hues like emerald or forest green, royal blue or burgundy for your furniture and decorative elements.

Wall Moulding Design to Frame the Place

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If you’ve already looked for Parisian interior design inspiration online, you must have noticed that most if not all homes feature a wall moulding design. A nod to French royalty, the most luxurious and tasteful Parisian flats always feature some sort of wall moulding. This type of design can beautifully frame the space. You can opt for moulding that extends to the doors, or even the ceiling of your flat.

Opt for Warm Parquet Wood Floors

parisian wood flooiring

How to make your flat look like you live in Paris? Opt for parquet wood flooring! These types of floors are another essential element of every Parisian home. Go for designs in warm brown colours in a chevron or herringbone pattern. The floors will warm up your Parisian flat and create a great contrast with the white walls. You can leave your floors bare, or add a vintage oriental rug.

A Marble Fireplace Mantel Is Essential

french marble fireplace

You can’t have a real Parisian flat without a marble fireplace mantel! The French are obsessed with marble furniture, and most notably, marble fireplaces. The most often designs are brick red with white veins in colour or white with grey veins. We know that this is a big item to purchase, but if you want an authentic Parisian interior design, this piece is a must-have. Or you can also try with a faux marble fireplace mantel?

Luxurious Gilded French Mirror

gilded french mirror

On the topic of gilded French mirrors, most of them actually are hung over the fireplace in a classic Parisian interior design. That’s not to say that you can’t place them on the floor or on your dressing table. This luxurious item will definitely make your home look more expensive, and is actually not that hard to come by. You can find many beautiful gold-framed French mirrors at antique stores, thrift shops for furniture or online.

Large Ceiling Medallion with Chandelier

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A lot of Parisian flats also feature a large, intricate ceiling medallion from which a stunning chandelier hangs. The two elements cannot be separated. When it comes to choosing the perfect Parisian-style chandelier, you can opt for an extravagant French crystal one. You will fall in love with the way the light reflects off every crystal. Other stylish options are a mid-century modern chandelier or a starburst one.

Interior Glass French Doors Design

interior glass french doors

More ideas on how to make your flat Parisian? Install interior glass French doors! A lot of flats in Paris have these types of doors to separate the rooms. They create a stylish look for your home, and you can keep the light flowing with the help of the glass panels. Plus, it’s a very practical design. Interior glass French doors can easily be installed in the hallway of your flat or house.

Parisian Interior Design: the Furniture

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Probably the most important elements in a Parisian interior design are the types of furniture you will select. You can see Parisian flat designs online of homes featuring minimalistic furniture that contrast with the detailed wall moulding. Or on the other hand, if you have bare walls you can go for more extravagant French-style pieces like Louis chairs and cabriole sofas. Other items on the list include cane furniture, modern velvet dining chairs, mid-century velvet sofas, etc. You can easily find all these pieces online.

The Parisian Flat Decor Guide

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Finally, we’ve come to my favourite part – decorations! For an authentic Parisian look, you should know that most homeowners in Paris do not like to overdo it when it comes to decor. They mostly choose to hang around personal belongings, or unique items that fit in with the surrounding interior. When you are decorating your Parisian flat, opt for a vase with freshly cut flowers, books, vintage gold or brass trays, candles, modern art pieces and busts. Just be careful not to overdo it!

More Parisian Interior Design Ideas

parisian decor

Stunning vintage gold mirror tray decor

vintage gold tray

Don’t forget to display a vase of fresh flowers

parisian interior design ideas 2023

Antique heirloom furniture in a Parisian style

parisian decor bedroom

Luxurious and stylish dining furniture

parisian interior design ideas

Mix and match vintage Parisian bathroom design

parisian bathroom design

Parisian-inspired bedroom interior design

french bedroom design

Vintage gold glass tray with French candle

french brass tray with candle decor

Parisian-style furniture idea with velvet sofa

parisian furniture

Minimalist Parisian decor with modern art

modern parisian apartment

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