Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Latest News on Release Date, Cast and Trailer

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A lot of rumors and questions go on and on about Pirates of the Caribbean 6. The famous series date back to 2003. During this time, the audience became attached to the heroes of the franchise, which allowed the creators to release 5 parts of the marine epic. Fans are now frozen in anticipation of Pirates of the Caribbean 6, the release date of which is increasingly mentioned in hot news sources. The fans are definitely waiting for something fantastic, grandiose and very funny.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 – Is Johnny Depp Playing Jack Sparrow?

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Latest News on Release Date Cast

One of the questions that fans ask is whether Johnny Depp will be returning to play Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6. There are different rumors going on and the fact is that at the moment, nothing is certain. In an interview for the Sunday Times, the producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced that at this point Depp is not casted for the movie, but “it is yet to be decided”. He also confirmed that there are on-going negotiations with Margot Robbie and two scripts – one with and one without her.

Currently, Depp is engaged in a $50 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp’s agent Jack Whigham confirmed that the actor lost $22,5 million a few days after Heard published an op-ed about their relationship as Disney “decided to go into a different direction”. Heard’s attorney asked the actor if it was true that “nothing on this earth would get you to go back and work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean film” and Depp replied that this was true.

Is Johnny Depp Playing Jack Sparrow


In social media the fans expressed their disappointment of the way Walt Disney studio treated Johnny Depp and kicking him out of the role of Jack Sparrow.

As far as cast is concerned, it is not yet confirmed, although Kaya Scoldelario has revealed that she has signed for the sixth series. She appeared as Carina Barbossa, the long-lost daughter of Captain Barbossa in the fifth film, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

There are speculations that Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly may be returning to Pirates of the Caribbean 6 cast but nothing is confirmed so far.

What About Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Release Date?

When is Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Release Date

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 release date is scheduled for May 2023. In the latest film, the writers explicitly hinted at the return of the sea devil, the captain of the ghost ship “Flying Dutchman”. Whether Davy Jones will appear, how he will be able to return to the world of the living and what will come of this grand undertaking, we will definitely find out.

Pirate of the Caribbean 6 Trailer

Pirates Of The Caribbean Trailer

There is no official trailer for Pirate of the Caribbean 6. Having in mind what Jerry Bruckheimer revealed for the two versions of the script, obviously, fans will have to wait.



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