Platform bed – 25 ideas for your good night’s sleep

by Kremy

minimalist bed design platform beds decorative wall

A platform bed is a bit different from ordinary one. Typically a such a bed will only accommodate a mattress instead of a mattress and a spring and this is the main reason why these beds are positioned lower to the ground. The design eliminates the necessity of a bed skirt or a long covers which usually serve to hide the box spring.

Asian style bedroom design platform stairs bed


Designers define the platform bed types as per the style and there are four main types – Asian, Modern, Storage, and Traditional. Asian designs feature simple and minimalist appearance and are among the most popular beds. The accent is on the precision of the craftsmanship and quality of materials. Modern design of beds on a podium is also focused on the quality of materials, but besides traditional wood and metal, you will find plastic or composite materials and you have to make sure that the price reflects the quality. Platform type beds with storage space need to be higher than typical ones in order to fit the storage space under the frame. Cheaper designs are made of particle boards or compress cardboard layered with veneer and their disadvantage is that they are not really durable, as the material is sensitive to humidity. Solid wood platform type beds may be expensive but they are durable and well known for their quality.

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Before you run to the shop and buy a platform bed, think about these basic rules. Carefully define your style – minimal, romantic, richly ornate with a luxury headboard or without any decoration. Measure carefully the available space, as the size of the bed matters and you would need additional space for side tables and a wardrobe. The bed frame should match with the rest of the furniture. Choose a mattress and a bedding set that will be pleasing to the eye and will provide you a comfortable sleep.

white canopy bed white platform romantic bedroom

One of the biggest pros of these beds is their visual appeal. They look very sleek and modern. Another advantage is that they do not require an additional mattress, which means they do not need a box spring. The idea is to fix planks to the base which provide a support for the mattress. On the downside platform type beds are almost impossible to move and despite the fact that people with back problems find them very convenient, there are many other people who find them too low.

contemporary bedroom design floating platform bed

Contemporary teen room platform bed idea storage space

Rustic bedroom design platform bed wooden frame

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Modern bed design low headboard

Mediterranean style bedroom ceiling beams

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