15 ideas for small bathroom design – space saving bathtub

Written by Kremena Ruseva

space saving tub wall decal

If you want to really relax in the bathroom you desperately need a bathtub. But what is the perfect space saving bathtub for a small bathroom? We give you some ideas on how you can make optimum use of the available space and at the same time have a creative interior design.

Space-saving bathtub for narrow spaces

narrow bathroom space saving tub

People who have a small bathroom can opt for bright wall colors / beige, white / and built-in cabinets. All accessories must be in the closet, so that visually there is nothing on the way. Several options for a space saving bathtub are possible – they can be paired with shelf in a narrow rectangular bath.

Space saving bathtub can be incorporated

small bathroom design space saving tub

Another great idea is to make the entire bathroom set in white – with white floor and walls – and to put a black space saving bathtub directly under the window. For one, you put an interesting accent and the bathroom looks modern and elegant, on the other hand this color combination creates a surprising optical illusion and the bathroom does not look so narrow.
Space saving tub with exceptional form

freestanding bathtub boat shape

If your room has an unusual shape, it needs an exceptional space saving bathtub – seat tubs or walk-in tubs are perfect for small rooms. The corner bath is ideal for attic rooms and can be decorated with flowers or interesting wall decals.

Freestanding tub – optimum use of space

space saving bathtub pink children

If you are a fan of the freestanding baths, a floor area of ​​11-12 square meters must have available. It is important that there is enough space for free movement. But freestanding bathtubs must not be a luxury – you can select a tub with an interesting shape or color, which serves as the only decoration in the room. If you want to try something new, combine bathroom and bedroom and visually separate the bath with curtains – this idea is especially good  for royal interiors.

Basic tips that will help in the selection of a tub

Rectangular bathtub storage space

Before you opt for a bathtub, you might need to know about its size and weight – it is important that your bathroom has a solid base. Built-in tubs can never be planned on the ground floor. Try to place it directly under the window or in the immediate vicinity. Organize enough cupboards, so that the storage space is enough for all the accessories. A simple bathroom design looks better than a cluttered room.

Small black rectangular bath

modern black corner bath

Seat tub for a narrow bathroom

wooden flooring tub vanity

Bathroom with accessories in pastel colors

vintage green orange bathroom

Freestanding bathtub in the bedroom

freestanding bath bedroom interior

Walk-in bathtub

walk in bathtub

 Oval shape

oval bathtub wood

 Black bathtub with interesting form

Forest house black bathtub view

Space-saving free-standing bathtub with storage space

space saving freestanding tub storage space

 Shower bath in shabby chic style

Shower bath shabby chic combination



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