Game-Changing Tips on How to Prevent Eyeshadow from Creasing on Oily Eyelids

by Stephanie Yankova

You’ve just spent an hour doing your makeup creating the perfect smokey eye, drawing the sharpest eyeliner, and applying the brightest blinding highlighter… only to see it all creased in a few hours. All this hard work for nothing! Sound familiar? Been there, done that, and I can say without any hesitation – it’s one of the closest things to heartbreak a girl can experience in terms of makeup! As someone with oily skin and eyelids, I have to admit that no amount of setting spray or powder has been able to help me win the battle with the eyeshadow crease just yet! However, I’ve learned some pretty useful tricks over the years, and I’m not one to gatekeep! Put your hair up and take your brushes out, ladies, because here come my fool-proof tips for preventing eyeshadow from creasing for good!

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How to Prevent Eyeshadow from Creasing on Oily Eyelids?

As someone with both oily eyelids and hooded eyes, doing my eyeshadow has always been accompanied by a lot of stress and anxiety around how long my eye make is actually going to last. This can turn into a real hassle when you are getting ready for a special event, and you know that your makeup MUST endure throughout the whole night. Well, my lovelies, it’s time to put all your worries away! Let’s dive into some of my tried and tested hacks for preventing eyeshadow creasing on oily eyelids!

  1. Remove all eye makeup residue from the previous day  – Your eyelids must be completely clean of any makeup otherwise you’re going to create product buildup which will lead to your skin producing extra oil.
  2. Do NOT apply any skincare on your eyelids – While you do need to lock in as much moisture in your skin as possible when doing your makeup in order to avoid dehydration or break-outs when it comes to your eyelids the preparation process is slightly different. In order to avoid creasing your eyelids must be completely clean and dry. Any moisturizing product will break up the chemical compound of the powder eyeshadow and make its consistency creamy, which will then give you the unwanted creased effect.
  3. Use blotting papers – Blotting papers are an absolute lifesaver for people with oily skin. If you’ve ever wondered whether they really do what they say or it’s just a sham – it’s not, they DO work! In fact, they are great for prepping your eyelids for makeup. Use a sheet of blotting paper to absorb all the excess oil from your eyelids before applying any product. Trust me, the difference is noticeable!

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           How do You Get Eyeshadow to Stick to Oily Eyelids?

Many people try to stay away from eyeshadow primers because most products on the market consist of silicone. While silicone is good for creating a protective layer between your skin and the makeup, it also clogs up your pores, which can eventually lead to your skin breaking out. Instead, you can buy a water-based eyeshadow primer. It’s important that it’s developed specifically for eyelids, as these primers, unlike the ones for your face, have a tackier texture which helps your eye product stay in place. Here are a few more tips on getting a 24h wear out of your eyeshadow – no creasing involved!

  1. Translucent setting powder – If you’re wearing heavy eye makeup, and you want to ensure its longevity throughout the day, one of the best things you can do is apply translucent setting powder onto your lids once you’ve finished your look. The powder will soak up the excess oil and give you a stunning matte finish! Just make sure to apply the powder before your mascara!
  2. Liquid eyeshadow – Powder eyeshadows have been the benchmark for eye makeup for decades. However, the modern beauty industry has been noticing many gaps in the products on the market in recent years, and thanks to that the versatility that we have now allows for everyone to experience their best makeup to date! That being said, when it comes to oily eyelids, powder eyeshadow may not be the best choice for you. Instead, we really suggest you try liquid-to-powder eyeshadows. They are super easy to blend and dry out with a matte finish.

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How do You Prepare Oily Eyelids for Eyeliner?

One of the trickiest things to do when you have oily eyelids is to keep your eyeliner in place. I must admit, I love a good winged eye, however, there have been more than one occasion when I’ve had it smudged all over my eyes. I’ve tested many tricks over the years and these are the ones that have helped my eyeliner stay intact the longest!

  1. Layer liquid on top of pencil eyeliner – The pencil eyeliner will help create a textured base on top of your oily eyelid. That way when you apply the liquid eyeliner on top it will have a solid base which will help keep it in place without any smudging.
  2. Don’t apply eyeliner on the outermost corner of your eye – This is the area where your eyeliner usually creases or smudges the most whenever your eyes tear up. Instead, bring the eyeliner outwards and upwards to avoid the unwanted messy look.

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