Primitive bedding sets – make your bedroom warm and cozy

by Kremy

primitive bedding sets bedroom decor ideas

Primitive bedding sets add the fascinating beauty of simple things into any bedroom. Do you think that interior design and home decoration have become too complicated? Are you getting lost in the plethora of color schemes, design trends, materials, choices and options? To many people the return to naturalness is an attractive idea appealing with its simplicity, warmth and modesty. Primitive home decor has elements of rustic as well as elements of country style and all of these are based on natural materials, fabrics, handmade pieces of furniture or decoration. Of course, in our hectic times, one would not expect you to handcraft all you bedding, but it is not impossible to find beautiful blankets, quilts, shams, bed skirts or pillow cases in this style.

Primitive bedding sets – colors, fabrics and bedroom decor

primitive bedroom ideas bedding sets


Primitive bedding sets are instantly recognizable for the natural colors and characteristic prints – stars, hearts, stripes and perhaps the most popular ones are the checkered print, Gingham print or Tartan patterns. The sets transport you back in time when you had no cares and remind you of a lazy Sunday in front of the fireplace of your grandmother. The most typical feature of primitive bedrooms is their coziness. You will not see glossy finishes and reflective surfaces, but furniture pieces made of natural wood, most often these pieces are not a matching set, but treasured antiques with rough surfaces. A blanket chest or trunks at the foot of the bed will add an authentic charm to the bedroom. Fabrics like cotton, linen, wool are typical for this style. Beautiful quilts and patchwork in cranberry red and creamy shades, darker greens and browns should be your choice. Handmade pillows provide the comfort and the visual aesthetics in the bedroom.

Primitive bedding sets – add an authentic country flavor to your home

primitive style bedding set bedroom ideas

Many people think that primitive bedding sets are old fashioned. The truth is that vintage style is more and more popular with all the beautiful furnishings, fabrics and attention to detail. Manufacturers respond to the trend offering unique patterns and colors to suit every taste and match the decor based on the authentic characteristics of the style. The good thing is that the sets are accepted equally well by men and women. Men like the darker subdued color palette and the practicality of the primitive bedding which is meant to be functional and practical. Women are fascinated by the patterns and the opportunity to combine a variety of otherwise contradictory patterns like stripes, tartan and flower prints into an amazing comforter, quilt, shams, decorative pillows and bring style, interest and a country flare to the bedroom. It is worth remembering that Primitive is not just a style, but a lifestyle!


star bedding set rustic primitive decoration

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bedding sets primitive style rustic bedroom ideas




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