Tips on the the pros and cons of bamboo parquet flooring

by Kremy

natural bamboo parquet flooring environmentally friendy

Bamboo parquet flooring is already well known and the market shows an increasing trend in the demand. This type of woodwork is preferred because of its good quality and numerous options. It has more advantages than disadvantages, which we will try to observe.

The advantages of bamboo parquet flooring

nursery room interior design ideas bamboo flooring


One of the main advantages of the bamboo parquet flooring is the easy installation. Due to the fact that this type of flooring is considered to be exotic, it is widely offered in finished, lacquered, ready to install options. This saves efforts, time and expenses on sanding, varnishing and applying. The low price of this type of wood is of importance too. You may be able to find it cheaper than teak, rosewood, olive wood. In addition bamboo is much more environmentally friendly than other hardwood materials. Another very important advantage is the durability and moisture resistance and both are very high for the «panda plant». This makes it practically versatile, as you can have it even in the kitchen. Except for the dact that you may find it in various shades, the natural bamboo is a material, which is based on fiber and thus it is allergen-free and resistant to insects.

The disadvantages of bamboo parquet flooring

bamboo high density caramel color

One of the cons of bamboo parquet flooring is the way it is manufactured. Formaldehyde-based adhesive may be bad for your health. Due to the fact that the natural color of the material is yellowish, the darker shades of colors have been additionally treated which reduces the hardness of the material. This wood is easily scratched from heavy objects or pieces of furniture. Although there are a few models which can be refinished, as a whole, that type of flooring needs to be replaced.

bamboo parquet easy installation and maintenance

 Elegant kitchen with rustic planks

modern kitchen elegant natural


 The parquet is manufactured in various colors

modern black

Woodwork is aesthetic and adds warmth in the interior

modern home light color

 Natural parquet is easily installed

elegant nature friendly easy to install

 The natural color of the wood is yellowish

contemporary living room interior natural color

contemporary living room ight tone

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parquet flooring suitable for any room

flooring dark tone high durability

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qualities of bambou easy to maintain

advantages of natural



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