Quick Growing Shade-Loving Shrubs: How to Grow Fast a Colorful Plant Screen or a Dense Hedge?

by Snezhana Besarabova

How to cope with the task to develop fast a lush foliage and vibrant blooms in non sun-lit spots in the garden? With a thoughtful selection of quick growing shade-loving shrubs, you may turn those dim corners into a wealth of greenery and color spaces. These plants are favored much for providing privacy, shades, hedges, and boundaries.

The Best Quick Growing Shade-Loving Shrubs

sweet mock fast growing evergreen shrubs for shady areas

To determine the best quick growing shade-loving shrubs, you should firstly appreciate how fast they grow, are they well developing in shade, and what are your plans for designing the garden. In this regard, there are some top suggestions:

Wintergreen Barberry (Berberis julianae): Wintergreen Barberry is a vigorous shrub with a stable structure, which likes the shade and cannot stand full sun. It develops dense green foliage with glossy leaves which attain pretty bronze-red shades in autumn. This plant grows quickly, up to 6–8 feet (1.8-2.4 m) height, and is liked much as a forming shrub for privacy hedges or boundaries.

wintergreen berberis what hedge grows best in shade


Japanese pieris (Pieris japonica): The plant is a fantastic choice for shaded areas with its attractive evergreen foliage, which decorates the garden throughout the year. It also develops clusters of fragrant, bell-shaped flowers in early spring. Japanese pieris shrub grows not so fast like Mock orange, nevertheless it reaches a height of 6–10 feet (1.8-3.0 m), and is one of the favorite shrubs for creating privacy hedges.

japanese pieris quick growing shade loving shrubs

Sweet Mock orange (Philadelphus coronarius): This wonderful shrub is famous for its delightful fragrance. Sweet Mock orange grows quite fast, requiring partial shade for blooming in abundance of white, citrus-scented flowers. It produces them from late spring to early summer. The plant develops up to 6–10 feet (1.8-3.0 m) height, which makes it a great choice for forming screens or backdrop hedges.

sweet mock quick growing shade shrubs

What is the Fastest Growing Hedge for Shade?

If you have just acquired a house, so you’re looking to establish a shade providing green hedge, as soon as possible. In such a situation, there are a few valuable suggestions for rapid growing shrubs to choose from:

Impressive growth rates of Leyland cypress (Cuprocyparis leylandii): The popular shrub is a loved for its ability of extreme fast-growing in hedges, as well as for the possibility to develop in sun, and in shaded areas. It shows significant growth rates, which can reach 3 feet (0.9 m) or more per year. As the plant develops dense foliage and reaches impressive height, it is ideal for privacy and used as a windbreak barrier.

leyland cypress fast growing shade loving evergreen shrubs

Quick growing shade-loving shrubs: Privet (Ligustrum species): This group of shrubs are appreciated for their possibility to provide shade, growing rapidly. Common privet (Ligustrum vulgare) and Japanese privet (Ligustrum japonicum) are one of the most suitable options among these plants. While growing fast, they soon become 6–10 feet (1.8-3.0 m) tall. Their hedges should be pruned on a regular basis in order to maintain the desired height.

American arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis) shows fast growth: The versatile evergreen fast-growing shrub, American arborvitae, is a versatile and shade-tolerant species. Its cultivars like ‘Emerald’ or ‘Green Giant’ show significant growth rates. Their ability to become tall fast, up to 10–20 feet (3-6 m), makes them desired for creating windbreaks and privacy hedges.

Fast Growing Shade-Loving Evergreen Shrubs

daphne sericea quick growing shade loving shrubs

You may be looking for a year round green shrub for your shady area in the garden. So, it deserves to pay attention to the selected valuable suggestions:

Japanese yew (Taxus cuspidata): This evergreen shrub can be grown in shade, where it is not able to exhibit a very fast-growing rate. Japanese yew develops dark green foliage and grows up to 6–10 feet (1.8-3.0 m) tall. The plant is appreciated by gardeners for the ability to form dense hedges and privacy screens.

Daphne (Daphne species): These are loved shrubs for their exquisite fragrance and the possibility to develop well in shade. Daphne varieties show lush evergreen foliage and grow in clusters of colorful blossoms. They are maybe not the fastest growers among the group of shade-tolerant shrubs, but Daphne are valued by landscapers for the special charm and aromatic colorful flowers.

Mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia): The species is native to North American, and is a typical for developing in shaded areas shrub. Mountain laurel possess dark green, glossy leaves which are evergreen, providing a soothing background year round. This elegant shrub shows clusters of flowers in red, pink or white colors, bringing a beautiful touch to your garden. Although, it passes few years for the plant to form a hedge, it is often preferred by gardeners, because it is a low-maintenance and nice looking shrub.

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leyland cypress fast growing shade tolerant evergreen shrubs

Fast-growing shade-loving shrubs are essential for creating a thriving garden in shady areas. With proper selections you can establish privacy hedges, vibrant screens, or attractive evergreen boundaries.

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