Remove Slime from Kids Clothes: Undo This Squishy Stuff, Stuck on T-shirt? How? 8 Ways to Do It!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Slime is squishy, stretchy, and extraordinarily delightful for kids to play with. But parents are often horrified by the outcome, especially when this liquid-solid matter finds its way onto boy’s shirt or girl’s lace dress. Let’s look through the issue and see, does this sticky stuff really ruin the garment? What are the working ways to remove slime from kids clothes?

What is the Science Behind Slime for Kids?

make your own slime how to remove dry slime from clothes fast

Slime’s viscosity (internal friction) is variable, which means it has the properties both of a liquid and a solid. The most common type of slime, the one made with glue and borax, undergoes chemical reaction and finally forms large molecules known as polymers, which slide past one another smoothly (when the slime stretches). This captivating science is not just a play, but a chance for children to investigate chemistry, physics and other qualities of matter in a hands-on manner.

Does Slime Ruin Clothes?

remove slime from kids clothes it is tricky to clean


When you see slime stains on your children’s clothes for the first time, you can find nothing comforting in looking at these ugly spots on the fine kid’s t-shirt. I’ll try to cheer you up, telling you the bright side of this affair, firstly. The good news is that in most cases, this beloved by children semi-liquid substance will not steadily ruin the clothing. On the other hand, its removal is somewhat tricky to be achieved. The hardship of removal of this sticky substance will be in strong connection with what is the type of slime – is it purchased on store, or alternatively, it’s homemade. It’s cleaning time, and the success of this action is in dependence of the ingredients content, and especially, how much time it has been on the clothes. As it expected, prompt action commonly finishes with an easier cleaning, alternatively, letting it dry is connected with a more difficult procedure. Though, even in case the slime has firmly impregnated in the garment, it is usually not problematic to take it out with the right methods.

How to Get Children’s Slime off Clothes

clean slime how to remove slime from clothes after washing and drying

There are a few working solutions, which should sometimes be applied in combination. Opt with the chosen method, and if the result is not successful, try another way or with more than one other approaches:

  • Take away excess slime: Take away as much of the slime as it’s possible by hand. Lightly scrape the substance off with the help of a spoon or a butter knife.
  • Steep in hot water: Pour hot water in a basin, adding 3–4 drops of liquid dish soap. Sink the stained garment into the vessel and leave it there for about half an hour. Slightly rub around the stains once in a while.
  • Ice cube approach: If the stain is hard to undo, leave an ice cube on it to make it hard. When it’s already solid, you can scrub it off more easily.
  • Laundry detergent: Pour a liquid laundry detergent straight onto the stained spots. Then gently rub the fabric together or with a help of a soft brush work the washing agent into the stain. Let it stay for 3–4 minutes, and finally rinse it.

remove slime from kids clotehs soak in detergen for a few minutes

  • Wast to remove slime from kids clothes: After treating the stain with laundry detergent, wash the garment the ordinary way you do it. Before to dry it, make sure that the marks are finally removed. This is because the hot air from the dryer can impregnate the stain stronger, making it tougher to clean it later.

Can You Remove Slime from Kids Clothes Naturally

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Many parents or tutors are supporters of natural methods to get rid of slime traces, embracing the environmentally-friendly cause or to avoid possible kid’s garment damage by chemicals. There are some excellent natural techniques to remove slime from kids clothes:

  1. Does vinegar dissolve kids slime? Distilled white vinegar is a major factor in natural cleaning. To take out slime, soak the affected spot with vinegar and let it stay for 4–5 minutes. Then lightly brush or rub the fabric together to make the pollution to come out, and lastly rinse with water.
  2. Baking soda & vinegar cleaning. Combine these two reactive household agents in a bubbly reaction, which is helpful in demolishing the slime. Begin with scattering baking soda around the stain. After that, pour some vinegar over the white powder, and leave it to fizz. When the reaction is already over, you should lightly scrub and rinse the dissolved residue.
  3. Is lemon juice able to soften slime? The acidity in lemon juice is rather efficient in breaking down slime. Squeeze the juice of one lemon. Then pour it over the stains, let it sit for 10 minutes, finally rub with a sponge and rinse.

remove slime from kids clothes it is sticky and stretching

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