Remove Weeds from the Patio: This Is How You Create a Well-Kept and Pleasant Outdoor Seating Area

by Kremy

Tired of Unsightly Weeds on Your Patio? Explore Effective Ways to Restore Freshness and Enhance Your Outdoor Experience. We’ve put together some effective methods to remove weeds from the patio and make your outdoor seating area fresh and pleasant in no time.

Patios are a wonderful addition to any home and it’s time to prepare your outdoor space for those never-ending summer days outside. One of the best ways to freshen it up is to get rid of unsightly weeds. We’ve put together some effective methods to remove weeds from the patio and make your outdoor seating area fresh and pleasant in no time.

Remove Weeds from the Patio: How to Permanently Destroy Them?

how to remove weeds from the patio

Weeds sprout everywhere in the garden, but they are most annoying between patio pavers. Unlike the unwanted plants in the garden that you can just pull out removing weeds from the patio requires a little more effort. The best way to get rid of them is not to let them grow in the first place. However, there are several ways to remove weeds from the patio, especially when they are already growing.

Use a Joint Scraper

how to remove weeds from the patio deck


The best way to get rid of patio weeds is to use a joint scraper that gets in between the joints of the paving. Don’t try to pull the weeds out, otherwise you won’t be able to remove the roots. Use the tool to dig deep into the soil and rip out the stubborn roots. Push up from the bottom while simultaneously pulling from the top.

Before you start removing, make sure the soil is moist. Either pull the weeds right after it rains or wet the joints with a garden hose. Dispose of the pulled weeds in the garden bin. Some weeds can be composted, but some species are not suitable for that. So if you are not sure, do not put them in the compost.

Although this method is very effective, you should repeat the process every week as weeds could be very stubborn. But if you take the time to tend your patio for 15 minutes every week, you can keep the weeds at bay.

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Get Rid of Weeds with a Pressure Washer

get rid of weeds with pressure cleaner

For the use of a pressure washer to be efficient, you should first remove the largest weeds by hand. Then wash the stones with the pressure washer and repeat regularly.

Be careful not to use the pressure washer on patio slabs made of natural stone, such as limestone or sandstone, as this can damage them. Test the device on an inconspicuous area first before cleaning the entire patio.

Pour Boiling Water on the Weeds

destroy weeds with boiling water

Simple boiling water is very effective against weeds and it can even prevent existing seeds from germinating. Also, you can use hot water to kill moss and algae on the flooring.

Once the weeds appear, carefully pour the hot water over all the joints. If you want to treat adult weeds with hot water, cut off the largest leaves first.

For particularly stubborn plants with long taproots, you may want to repeat the process 2-3 times. Every time you cook eggs or pasta, just pour the excess hot water on the patio.

Remove Weeds from the Patio with a flame Torch

remove weeds from the patio with a flame torch

Use a flaming device to kill the weeds that sprout through the joints in the pavement. Weeds can tolerate a lot of heat, but they will die at the temperature of a gas flame. Move the burning flame back and forth across the weeds until they turn black. Be careful not to damage the slabs and stones. After killing the weeds, allow the spot to cool completely and dig the roots out of the ground.

Prevent Unwanted Plants on the Patio Deck

prevent weeds with joint sand

Once you have removed the weeds from the patio, you should take some effective measures to prevent them from growing back. Remember that these methods should be repeated frequently to be effective.

Sweep your patio regularly to remove the weed seeds that lie and germinate in the joints.

Seal the joints with joint sand to achieve a better seal between the slabs and stones and to prevent weed growth. It also improves the durability of your patio by holding the pavers together and leaving no room for weeds to grow.

Make sure your patio has good drainage. The soil between the patio pavers should not remain damp, as this encourages weeds. If the joints provide the right conditions to thrive, the weeds will keep coming back no matter how hard you try to remove them.




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