Travertine pavers for patio and driveways – the ideal landscaping stones

by Kremy

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Landscaping has to be functional, with aesthetic appeal, and of course – to use safe materials. Travertine pavers are an ideal option for landscaping stones as they meet all the above criteria. Brick and concrete pavers may be more popular, but if you are concerned on the aesthetics and functionalist, travertine is your choice.

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Travertine is an extremely durable material which makes such pavement the ideal choice for driveways, garden paths and pool decks. Unlike other natural stones, travertine reflects heat which is a major advantage in hot climates as your pavers will remain cool on hot days. In addition the texture of the stone offers one great quality – it remains slip resistant. This timeless material retains its color even when exposed to weather changes for a long period of time. Did you know that the Colosseum in Rome is almost entirely made of travertine? And it dates back to the Roman Empire!


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Travertine tile pavers come in a variety of colors and sizes – are ivory, walnut, beige, gold, yellow, red, and peach/pink and you can choose from different patterns – herringbone, star, diamond-cut, French, mosaic, fish, basket weave so that your outdoor area has the most beautiful appearance. It works well with other materials and you could use it as an accent to complement your garden decor.

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With a great visual appeal and aesthetics, travertine pavers are a valuable asset to every property and will increase the value of the property. Further to that, the pavement do not require a lot of efforts to maintain them and the cost for the material and installation is considerable less than other paving materials.


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Travertine tile pavers are versatile and the perfect paving material for any type of outdoor areas. As patio flooring, pavers will offer you an elegant and finished look of the outdoor area. They are really suitable for pool decks due to the fact that they remain cool and are not slippery.

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Walkways and garden paths paved with travertine pavers or garden beds bordered with them will add to the beauty and enhance the landscaping design. Of course, the choice of this stone to pave your driveway is an exceptionally good solution not only for the look, but for the durability and long life.


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