Travertine tile backsplash ideas in exclusive kitchen designs

by Kremy

travertine tile backsplash ideas stylish kitchen design white cabinets

When choosing the backsplash for your kitchen, you have to have a clear idea what you want your kitchen to look like. We shall show you 20 fascinating travertine tile backsplash ideas in exclusive kitchen designs. Travertine tile backsplashes work in both modern and rustic interiors and will easily create a magazine look of your kitchen.

Travertine tile backsplash ideas and design styles

travertine tile backsplash ideas dark wood cabinets natural stone


A rustic kitchen is cozy, comfortable and welcoming. The rustic decor is based on natural materials – wood, stone, fabrics, with rich textures and natural colors. Stone has a natural beauty of its own and is quite popular in kitchen design and the travertine tile backsplash ideas below show how to incorporate them in a beautiful rustic decor. Travertine tiles work beautifully with other natural materials and blends seamlessly and beautifully with wooden cabinets and countertops, stone, etc.

modern kitchen travertine tile backsplash white countertop

For a contemporary, sleek look, polished travertine tiles will be a really good choice, as the shiny surface is an ideal backsplash with white cabinets and works beautifully with dark kitchen cabinets too.


Travertine tile backsplash ideas – elegance and style in the kitchen

contemporary kitchen travertine tile island with seating

Travertine tiles come in various patterns and textures, as well as in a variety of colors. Travertine tile backsplash ideas use the natural beauty of the stone, its distinct veining and rich texture to create spectacular kitchen decoration. Since travertine tiles come in different finishes, you can choose the finish that suits your design style – brushed, tumbled, polished, matte finish- and match the color of the tiles with the existing color scheme of your kitchen interior. In addition, travertine tiles are very durable and hard to scratch.

travertine stylish kitchen white cabinets


You should keep in mind that a travertine tile backslpash, just like travertine tile flooring and travertine countertops, require proper sealing. If not sealed, there is a high risk that your backsplash will get stained because travertine is a porous material. Acids are not friendly to travertine either.

travertine tile backsplash subway ideas wood kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen with a large kitchen island and breakfast area

travertine backsplash modern kitchen ideas wood cabinets pendant lamps

Travertine and glass

travertine brown glass tile backsplash kitchen backsplash ideas kitchen remodel

in a rustic kitchen…

mediterranean kitchen design travertine backsplash white cabinets

… and in a modern minimalist kitchen

contemporary minimalist kitchen travertine backsplash white cabinets

Stylish kitchen design with granite countertops

modern kitchen granite countertops travertine tile backsplash white cabinets

Beautiful kitchen backsplash tiles

travertine backsplash ideas modern kitchen design white cabinets black countertop

Dark kitchen cabinets

travertine ideas dark wood cabinets granite countertops

White cabinets and modern backsplash

travertine backsplash ideas modern kitchen design white cabinets

travertine ideas kitchen remodel backsplash materials

travertine ideas kitchen design white cabinets granite worktops

travertine glass tile accents beige cabinets

modern white kitchen design travertine stainless steel

kitchen backsplash ideas travertine kitchen decoration ideas

beautiful ideas rustic decor kitchen decorations





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