Stone backsplash ideas – make a statement in your kitchen interior

by Kremy

stacked stone kitchen backsplash contemporary kitchen rustic decor

The kitchen is the favorite place at home for many people. It can be large or small, spacious or narrow, with low ceilings or with large windows – but it is a fact that everyone wants to feel comfortable in the kitchen. As many elements there are in the design of a kitchen the backsplash remains one of the most important ones. We shall focus your attention to the stone backsplash, which is one of those elements that matter and make a great difference in the kitchen interior and you will see some really good backsplash ideas for granite countertops.

 Stone backsplash in rustic kitchen designs

rustic kitchen wood flooring exposed beams stone kitchen backsplash


Natural materials are typical for rustic interiors and stone is often used – a stone fireplace, a decorative stone wall, etc. A stone backsplash can create a magnificent accent in the kitchen and complement the rustic decor. Moreover, natural stone colors are the perfect backdrop for the kitchen cabinets. Many designers take advantage of the visual aesthetics of stone and as a country kitchen backsplash stone looks much more authentic than anything else. Stone blends harmoniously in rustic interiors and adds a feeling of peace, comfort, and functionality.

 Stone backsplash in modern kitchens

contemporary kitchen stacked stone backsplash

Despite that stone is typical for rustic and country style interiors it has found its place in modern kitchen designs. A stone backsplash in a modern kitchen creates a spectacular visual contrast. The rough surface of the stone and the straight lines of the kitchen cabinets work very well together.

kitchen remodel ideas white kitchen cabinets stone bacsplash

It may seem weird, but a stacked stone backsplash adds a tremendous charm to a modern kitchen. Stoneworks perfectly with any other material – wood, stainless steel, glass, copper, as well as with any color – which makes it a versatile material. Nowadays stone backsplash tiles are offered in a variety of designs. They have the advantage of easy installation, wide choice of colors and patterns and huge appeal.

unique kitchen interior design white cabinets copper hood stone


kitchen remodel stone white cabinets ceiling beams

stone kitchen backsplash kitchen decor ideas rustic style

modern kitchen under cabinet lighting stone tile backsplash

modern kitchen black cabinets wood flooring stone

moder kitchen stainless steel sink floating shelves stone wall kitchen backsplash ideas

stone kitchen backsplash ideas wood cabinets lanterns

rustic kitchen stone wood cabinets kitchen island

rustic kitchen ideas stone wood cabinets

kitchen ideas large kitchen island copper hood mini pendants stone tile backsplash

kitchen design wood flooring wood cabinets stone

kitchen backsplash ideas stone decorating ideas

kitchen backsplash ideas modern backsplash tiles stone

kitchen backspash stone tile backsplash ideas wood cabinets under-cabinet lighting

 kitchen decor ideas white cabinets stone tiles

contemporary kitchen rustic touch stone wall kitchen backsplash ideas




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