Space-saving rocking lounge chair Bodice Rocker by Splinter Works

by Kremy

 ergonomic relaxing furniture lounge rocking chair

Bodice Rocker by Splinter Works is a rocking chair new generation. The free-floating rocking lounge chair is the perfect harmony between form and function, combined to create a perfect style. The levitating lounger is ergonomically shaped and is at the same time light and durable. It is an absolute eye-catcher, no matter where it is placed. In addition, it is practical and space-saving. The creative and intelligent idea of Splinter Works deserves our congrats.

Bodice Rocker levitating chair curvy design ergonomically shaped


The ergonomic shape of the rocking lounge chair follows the curves of the human body in a very natural way. When you sit in it, you have the feeling that you are relaxing on a beautiful beach with a cocktail in hand or if you have a greater imagination, you could close your eyes and imagine you are floating above the clouds. The body weight is transferred to the lounge chair and it swings backwards. If it is not used for sitting, you can save space by leaning it on the wall. Then Bodice Rocker becomes a part of the interior as a sculpture. Check out the video!

Splinter Works Bodice Rocker modern lounge design

Elegant and chic, the lounge chair gives a modern appearance to any room. Bodice Rocker is upholstered with hand-stitched white leather. At your request the lounge chair can be crafted in a different color to match your personal taste. Splinter Works creates exceptional furniture-sculptures, functional free-standing or free-floating pieces of furniture and art installations inspired by the endless possibilities for aesthetic and functional design. The contemporary piece is a successful attempt to play with the balance by visual tricks and use of innovative materials.

white leather Bodice Rocker rocking lounge chair





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