An innovative bathroom heating system – Monolith by Brandoni

by Kremy

modern bathroom design ideas heating system radiator shower brandoni

Monolith is an innovative bathroom heating system designed by Brandony and is the amazing result of the cooperation between the architect Fabrizio Batoni and the creative entrepreneur Luciano Brandoni. Brandoni group is well known with the manifacturing of radiators with unique design as well as fireplaces and a wide range of over 80 products.

innovatiove bathroom design heating system radiator shower brandoni


When you have an idea to combine fire and water most people would tell you that this is impossible. Well, this modern bathroom heating system does just that – it is a perfect combination between style and functionality and at the same time achieves the impossible – it combines these two contrasting elements, fire and water. Monolith includes a radiator which is the base of the system with a head and hand shower. Due to its standard size Monolith is adaptable to any bathroom. Offered with width of 500 mm or 400 mm it can be installed in small bathrooms. The system is also available in a version with a column heating only and even in a corner version. Shower dishes also may vary from 120-140 to 160 cm and the tempered glass is 8 mm thick.

bathroom heating system radiator shower combination by brandoni monolith

Except being modern and revolutionary this heating system is also very adaptive. It comes equipped with anything you may need – towel holders, robe hooks, etc. All the fittings and accessories can be customized. Monolith is made in different colours and you can chose the one to match your personal taste. It is also perfect for hotels, spa or fitness clubs.

contemporary bathroom design heating system radiator shower brandoni


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