Modern bathroom furniture – handmade concrete sinks by Pietra Danzare

by Kremy

modern bathroom furniture design pietra danzare concrete sink Thors Well model

Pietra Danzare offers creative solutions for your bathroom. The latest design creations – beautiful concrete sinks looking timeless and elegant. The unique design shows the impressive superiority of nature – all the sinks give the impression as if they have been shaped by the forces of water, wind and weather.

Italian bathroom furniture design concrete sinks pietra danzare treasure map


Concrete as a material which is increasingly being used in the product design. Its visual qualities can be compared with the luxurious look of glass, metal, marble, wood or natural stone. Concrete can give a surprisingly exquisite touch to your bathroom. The design of these sinks was inspired by the magical effect and mysticism of the moon and the collection is named after it. The extraordinary design is clearly defined by feminine lines with smooth transitions and, in combination with a suitable lighting, an ordinary sink becomes a piece of art with a luxurious look.

nature inspired handmade concrete sinks pietra danzare Volcanic cream

The collections of concrete sinks by Pietra Danzare are close to Nature. The models are handmade with the utmost precision. This design interpreted the eruption of a volcano. You can almost see the boiling lava bubbling in the crater. The rectangular outline fits beautifully to any bathroom interior. The shallow depth looks dashing and chic. The sinks are crafted in a number of colours and behind each design Nature has been the inspiration. The concrete basin is a mix of blazing sun, adventure and exoticism and embodies peace and serenity. Sandy yellow and shades of brown will create a lively atmosphere in the bathroom. The vibrant blue and green symbolize life and are inspired by the great lakes of North America. Each one of this gorgeous pieces of craftsmanship will give your bathroom a touch of elegance.

 modern bathroom sink design concrete sinks pietra danzare

Nature inspired bathroom furniture concrete sink pietra danzare the earth

innovative bathroom furniture design concrete sink Mirage in a desert

contemporary bathroom design handmade concrete sink

handmade concrete bathroom sink pietra danzare wild savannah

Bathroom furniture concrete sink Mariner Valley pietra danzare

White concrete sink Italian design bathroom furniture White sea lagoon model

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