How Often Should You Wash Your Bath Towels? A Complete Guide

by Kristiyana

Is there really anything better than taking a hot or even cold shower after a long day at work? You get out in a much better mood, feel like you have more energy, and are most importantly completely clean! However, once you reach for your towel, all of this could have been in vain… Having proper hygiene is very important. You might take a shower or two every day, but have you asked yourself how often should you wash your bath towels? A dirty towel can be the source of many harmful bacteria, that’s why it is crucial to change and clean it regularly. But how regularly? Find out now.

How Often Should You Wash Your Bath Towels?

how often should you wash your bath towels

According to research, most of us decide to wash our bath towels after a week’s use, while there are even some that use the same towel for a month before cleaning it… Yikes! Experts advise that you should change your bath towel after every 3 uses for good hygiene. Some of you might ask questions like, “But I only use this towel after I am fully clean, why should I change it so often?” The reason is that after you get out of the shower to dry yourself with your bath towel, you transfer dead skin cells onto it. Then this towel stays wet or damp for hours, which turns it into the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Doesn’t sound good, does it?

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How to Properly Clean Your Bath Towel?

To properly clean your bath towel, it is always best to follow their care labels. You will notice that for most towels, it is recommended to wash them in cold water on a delicate cycle. This method will prolong the lifespan of your bath towel, as it will help keep its colour and softness for a longer period of time. You can also wash them in warm water on a speed cycle. Make sure you use a biological powder for cleaning your bath towels, as it helps break down stains. Also, best to wash bath towels separately or with other towel or household linen items.

  • How to preserve the brightness of white and pale towels? This can be done with the help of bleaching agents and optical brighteners.
  • What about coloured towels? Here you can use a biological detergent that is specifically designed for preserving colours.

Do You Need to Wash Towels at 60?

A lot of health experts recommend washing your towels at 60 °C to kill any gems and bacteria that might be lurking on them. However, it’s best to always pay attention to the towel’s care label to avoid shrinkage or ruining the item.

Getting Rid of Stains on Your Towels

should you wash your bath towels


How to get rid of a stain on your bath towel? In such cases, it’s always best to pretreat a stain with a stain remover. Depending on the type of remover, most give good results when they are left to soak in for a long time. So, when you are leaving your stained towel on the laundry pile, just pretreat the stain prior to piling it. Some stains produced by makeup or hair products can prove to be more difficult to get rid of. Benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids work best here when you need to bleach the towels. Just be informed that once you bleach them, there is no going back. Also, never use chlorine bleach to remove stains from coloured towels, as this will ruin them. This type of bleach can often discolour even white towels, so better to skip using it altogether.

Properly Drying Your Bath Towel

Which is the best way to dry towels in the dryer? Before loading them, a good practice would be to shake out each towel first. This can get rid of some of the soaked up moisture and will reduce drying time. To prevent damaging your towel’s fabric, tumble dry them on low heat and remove them immediately from the dryer after. If your towel hasn’t dried completely, you can put it back in the dryer for a few more minutes or lay them out on a flat surface to air dry.

How Often Should You Wash Your Bath Towels: Further Tips

how often should you change your towel after showering

  • Gym towels should be washed after every use
  • Don’t dry towels on a radiator to avoid overdrying
  • For air drying, hang towels on a clothes airer or washing line
  • Always wash brand-new towels at least once before using them
  • Avoid using fabric conditioners as they reduce the towel’s absorbancy
  • Don’t hang damp towels on your bathroom door to avoid bacteria spread
  • To kill germs after an illness or injury, dry towels on high heat to sanitize them

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